Inoichibannosuke is a firefighter who works for the fire department Igumi (い組?), which he claims is the best in Wano Country.


Inoichibannosuke is a balding man with a tall row of black hair on top of his head resembling a mohawk, as well as hair on the sides of his head slicked toward each side. He wears a low-cut dark blue sleeveless shirt with the symbol of the Igumi on the front in red; the shirt narrows in a trapezoidal shape up toward the top and the front and back of it are held together by strings. Inoichibannosuke also wears light blue shorts lined with fur at the bottom, black leggings, and sandals.


Like the other Igumi firefighters, Inoichibannosuke enjoys rushing to the scene of fires and performing acrobatic tricks on his ladder for show rather than focusing on putting out the fire.

Abilities and Powers

Inoichibannosuke appears to be quite acrobatic, being capable of doing performance stunts on a tall ladder near blazing fires. He presumably also has knowledge in firefighting.


Wano Country Arc

When the Shinuchi Holed’em’s mansion was set ablaze in Bakura Town, Inoichibannosuke and the other Igumi firefighters answered the call of the fire bell and raced to the scene. Instead of immediately trying to douse the flames, they began doing stunts to put on a show for the cheering onlookers, causing the Shinuchi Speed to yell at them to do their job.


  • “I no ichiban no suke” translates to “I’s best help”, with “I” likely referring to Igumi.


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