Inukai is a Wano Country official.


Inukai is a man with very thick black eyebrows and a pointy black mustache. He has long brown hair that curls on the sides and is tied in a topknot at the back. He wears a light green kimono with small green dots, and a green coat with yellow-brown circle patterns.


Inukai admires Kyoshiro for his yakuza code and the fact that a courtesan like Komurasaki came from his pleasure hall.

Abilities and Powers

As an official, Inukai holds some political power and is influential enough to be invited to Shogun Orochi’s banquet.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Inukai attended Shogun Orochi’s banquet at Orochi Castle, where he conversed with Kyoshiro. Inukai first praised Kyoshiro for how well he had “tamed” Komurasaki, to which Kyoshiro replied that one should not refer to a prostitute like a dog. Inukai then brought up the incident of Kyoshiro summoning the Tobiroppo to deal with a soba cook, prompting Kyoshiro to explain his yakuza philosophy.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, some of his lines are given to another banquet attendee.


  • His name literally means “dog keeper”, referencing his conversation with Kyoshiro.


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