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Jewelry Bonney

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Jewelry Bonney, also known as the “Big Eater”, is a pirate from the South Blue and the captain of the Bonney Pirates. She is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the “Worst Generation”.

Bonney is the daughter of Ginny and the adopted daughter of Bartholomew Kuma, the former King of the Sorbet Kingdom (making her Sorbet’s former princess). Bonney lived inside Kuma’s church throughout her childhood due to a rare disease known as Sapphire Scales that she inherited from her mother. After Kuma sacrificed his body to the World Government in exchange for curing Bonney, she ventured forth from her home to become a pirate in search of her father.

Thanks to experiments conducted by Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders, Bonney inherited the powers of the Toshi Toshi no Mi, which allows her to manipulate the age of herself and others at will. Although she typically uses her ability to appear as a young woman in her twenties, Bonney is in fact still a little girl, having been ten years old during her debut and now being twelve after the timeskip.

Upon reaching the Sabaody Archipelago, Bonney had a bounty of 140,000,000. Two years later, it was raised to 320,000,000.

Bonney is a companion and major ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.


Bonney is a 12-year-old girl who is slim despite the enormous amount of food she consumes regularly. She has long light pink hair and brown eyes (purple in the anime). Due to her Devil Fruit ability, she can alter her age and thus change her appearance at will. Her most common appearance in public is that of a curvaceous, taller and more buxom young woman in her early 20s with less childish facial features.

Her outfit consists of a white low-cut tank top, along with a pair of orange-and-black striped buckled shorts with long, thin suspenders. She also wears black high-heeled boots that reach to her calves, with large laces coming from the openings, and a pair of hot pink and dark red stockings with a yellow sun-like motif on them (a pattern seen other times in the One Piece world). She has a golden anti-eyebrow below her right eye where her Sapphire Scales used to be, which she adorned hoping it would help her father recognize her. She also wears bright red lipstick on the middle of her lips due to not knowing how to apply lipstick properly. She consistently wears a brown furred jacket and a green Furażerka hat with a light-green lining that has foldable earflaps that can be pulled down for disguise and cold weather; she received both of these items from Conney when she escaped from government custody.

Bonney’s common outfit did not change much after the timeskip; she now wears pink lipstick instead of the red one from two years ago and a new white tank top with frills among the rim. During the Punk Hazard Arc, Bonney was shown wearing a black hat (possibly a sunhat) and a furred, hooded coat, likely due to the winter island she was seen on at the time.

During the Egghead Arc, Bonney wears no hat. Through the use of a clothes-changing machine at Egghead, Bonney started wearing a dark colored leotard bodysuit with a hood, along with gloves, thigh-length leggings, an earpiece, and a pair of DOM Shoes.

As a five-year old child, Bonney had shoulder-length hair with a cowlick as opposed to her current back-length hair. During this time, a blue, rock-like skin disorder had started manifesting in her right cheek, as a result of the Sapphire Scales disease she had contracted. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless, ragged shirt, a pair of shorts held up by thin suspenders, and short boots. At 8 years old, Bonney’s hair was longer, and the Sapphire Scales already covered most of her right face. At age 9, Bonney had fully recovered from the disease and no longer showed any signs of it on her face or body.

Bonney as a child in the SBS.

Bonney when she first developed Sapphire Scales.

Bonney at age 5.

Bonney at age 8.

Bonney at age 9, with her Sapphire Scales gone.

Bonney’s appearance during the Egghead Arc.

Devil Fruit Usage

Close-up of Bonney’s face.

Bonney’s color-scheme in the manga before the timeskip.

Bonney’s color-scheme in the manga after the timeskip.

Bonney’s first adult form at age 6.

Bonney with her coat on.

Bonney disguised as Conney.

Bonney’s outfit during the Egghead Arc.

Bonney’s appearance using Distortion Future.

Video Games

Bonney in One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X.

Bonney in Jumputi Heroes.


Bonney in the Digitally Colored Manga.

Bonney’s concept art from the anime.

Bonney in One Piece: Stampede.

Oda’s depiction of Bonney as a male.

Bonney before timeskip on the cover of the disc One Piece Nippon Judan! 47 Cruise CD.

Bonney’s non-canon wanted poster as seen in One Piece: Stampede.

Bonney’s wedding dress from Placole Wedding Collaboration Dresses.


In accordance with her true age, Bonney’s personality is not unlike that of an ordinary kid, being playful, energetic and rather innocent. She is sometimes described as “vulgar” due to her lack of maturity contrasting with the adult figure she generally prefers presenting herself as. However, Bonney is not entirely childish, and in comparison to certain older characters like Monkey D. Luffy, she can come off as more reasonable and less simple-minded, even if only slightly.

Befitting her epithet, Bonney is an extremely gluttonous person with very poor table manners. She will, for instance, demand more food even though she has not finished her current meal. She is usually seen eating pizza, her favorite food, even when fighting or on the run. She shares this quirk with her mother, Ginny, who was similarly insatiable when it came to eating.

Bonney has always displayed an aggressive temper and rude attitude, seemingly stemming from her early childhood as a frequent victim of bullying due to her rare medical condition, which prevented her from socializing with other children normally. Still, even at the young age of five, Bonney knew how to be tactful and show restraint, mostly to prevent upsetting her father Kuma. Said mindset extends to this day, as she knows when to fight and when to prevent trouble, particularly in dangerous territories such as the Sabaody Archipelago. When she saw Zoro attempting to attack a World Noble, she orchestrated a scene to fake Zoro’s death and prevent an escalation, knowing full well that such a thing would have led to terrible consequences. However, this sense of caution is overwritten when enticing food is involved, similar to Luffy and Chopper.

Here are our ironclad rules of piracy! Plunder whatever you want! (From bad guys!) And don’t help a soul! (Unless they really need it!)
— Bonney’s pirate motto.

Being young, Bonney believes in the stereotypical view of what a pirate should be, that being of selfish, violent plunderers (although Bonney still encourages some degree of morality going by her own personal code). For Bonney, all pirates should follow an unspoken agreement of not creating a stir in delicate situations, and that the idea of a pirate helping wounded strangers also leaves her dumbfounded. However, even Bonney is not against losing control of her emotional urges to confront those others would dare not; while she was originally against the idea of defying the World Nobles of Sabaody Archipelago, due to their statuses and the consequences that would be incurred, when she realized that her father’s mind was killed on the orders of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, Bonney did not hesitate in attacking him, ironically disregarding the consequences herself. Several instances suggest that Bonney has an unforgiving disposition towards those who wrong her, holding grudges and cursing their name.

Bonney may not be a pleasant individual, but she is capable of respecting others; particularly her fellow members of the Worst Generation, having shown a keen interest in Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law’s exploits. She had a genuinely warm relationship with her father, Bartholomew Kuma, as she was heartbroken upon witnessing his brutal enslavement at Mary Geoise and even defended a Pacifista unit that resembled her father. Bonney loves Kuma dearly and has been driven primarily by her desire to be reunited with him, especially after learning about his ultimate fate as a mindless cyborg during the Summit War of Marineford.

Bonney has a severe case of entomophobia, as she fainted from the sight of a whole horde of insects rushing at her. She is pretty vindictive about this aspect of her personality as well, becoming unreasonable and murderous against those who employ her fear against her, regardless of whether or not it was intentional of their part.



Bartholomew Kuma

Bonney’s adoptive father is Bartholomew Kuma, the former king of Sorbet Kingdom and also a Revolutionary and then Warlord. Their bond was extremely close and affectionate, as Bonney remembered the unconditional love her father gave during her childhood, and she knows about Nika from him.

Because Bonney’s disease forced her to live indoors and emboldened other children to mock her, Kuma often had to lift her spirits, sometimes referring to her facial stones as “jewels” and talking to her about places they could visit in the future, after she was cured. When Kuma learned the illness was terminal, however, he did not have the heart to tell her the truth, but that did not stop him from traveling around the world until he found someone who could offer her treatment, leading eventually to their shared connection with Dr. Vegapunk, Bonney’s savior.

When Kuma started acting as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, he had to keep his distance from Bonney while she was watched over by “medical workers” at Sorbet, but still wrote frequently to her. However, his letters never really reached Bonney due to CP8 agent Alpha’s interference, leaving young Bonney desolated. Being away from Kuma without a word from him further motivated her to leave the country and become a pirate in order to reunite with him, especially after finding out the truth about her secret hostage situation.

In the present, it is known that Bonney still has a very deep love for Kuma and will defend anything he stands for, even being unable to fight lookalikes due to her past and her devotion to her father. She became very outraged towards the World Government for turning Kuma into a cyborg, followed by enslaving and allowing him to suffer abuse at the hands of the World Nobles. This is further emphasized by the fact that she went to Vegapunk’s island base of Egghead to ask questions of him regarding Kuma’s Pacifista transformation, of which she was unaware of during their previous encounter years ago.

Upon discovering her father’s memories manifested into a bubble, she resolved herself to viewing them, regardless how painful they were, so she could understand him better. Upon learning the whole truth about her father, including the fact that they were not biologically related by blood and all of the misery he had burdened throughout his life, including the fact he had sacrificed himself to save her life from Sapphire Scales, Bonney could only weep. When she was held by Saturn he revealed that he was responsible for giving her mother and eventually herself the Sapphire Scales causing her to cry in despair and before he could kill her was blocked from doing so by Kuma who then attacked Saturn and hugged his daughter. As they hugged Bonney expressed gratitude for everything Kuma had done for her.


Bonney’s mother. Bonney did not know much about her mother due to Ginny passing away from Sapphire Scales while she was still a baby as Ginny risked what was left of her life to safely bring Bonney back to Sorbet Kingdom. Bonney first learnt about her mother from Kuma’s memories, including the fact that Ginny was Kuma’s only love and how Kuma adopted her in honor of Ginny’s memory. When she learnt Saturn had been the cause of Ginny’s death by using her as a test subject in unethical human experiments that lead her to suffer Sapphire Scales, Bonney cried in despair wailing how her parents’ lives were unfairly ruined. When Kuma rescued her from Saturn she told him that from viewing his memories she could tell that her mother was a wonderful person.


Following Kuma’s resignation from Sorbet’s throne, Conney took the role of parent towards Bonney, being the one who took care of her while Kuma was away. She was the one who would comfort Bonney whenever she felt sad about her father’s absence and frequently cooked for her.

Conney was directly responsible for Bonney becoming a pirate, as she was the one who planned her escape from CP8’s watch, having instructed Bonney and the citizens of Sorbet to keep silent about the Toshi Toshi no Mi and switching places with the young girl so she could sneak away while CP8 was none the wiser. In the present time, Bonney would honor Conney by taking her form often to elude the World Government.


Many members of her crew, such as Gyogyo, were former Sorbet citizens who were close to Kuma and Bonney’s mother Ginny, and in turn acted as her friends and caregivers prior to her pirate career. On Conney’s suggestion, her crew modified a fishing vessel into a pirate ship, and assisted Bonney’s escape from the government’s custody.


Being one of the Eleven Supernovas, Bonney can be counted on as a potential rival to any of the other 10 for the top position of the sea.

Straw Hat Pirates

Prior to the timeskip, Bonney had no encounters with the Straw Hats, but she harbored a grudge against them due to the chaos they caused on Sabaody by attacking the World Nobles. She swore that she would crush them if she met them in the New World.

Two years later, Bonney was saved by them near Egghead. She respects Sanji as a strong fighter and a good cook. In turn, Sanji is protective of Bonney as he is with all female as well he declared he won’t let Saturn upset Bonney anymore.

Monkey D. Luffy

Though she and Luffy did not actually meet face-to-face on Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy’s actions during the Celestial Dragon incident unintentionally garnered him Bonney’s fury, which even extended to the rest of the Straw Hats (though this may simply be due to her earlier interactions with Zoro, whose ignorance she had to put up with). However, upon reading the news of Doflamingo’s defeat, she praised Luffy and Law for it.

Around the time of the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom, Luffy and his crew saved Bonney’s life near Egghead. Once Luffy, Bonney, Chopper and Jinbe washed ashore on Egghead, Bonney thanked Luffy for saving her while reminding him that they are still rivals. She is perplexed that Luffy is an Emperor despite his carefree attitude and was frustrated by Luffy incorrectly calling her “Boogey,” though he eventually started referring to her correctly due to feeling sorry about her situation with Kuma.

Despite considering themselves rivals, Bonney and Luffy are actually very alike, especially when it comes to their gluttonous love for food. She happily joined Luffy and Chopper in eating food from Vegapunk’s vending machine together after discovering how to use it properly.

Roronoa Zoro

Bonney first encountered Zoro when the latter stumbled into Saint Charlos’ path, prompting the latter to shoot. Being unaware of what was happening, Zoro almost killed him in retaliation. Fortunately, Bonney’s quick thinking allowed her to restrain Zoro and diffuse the situation by faking his death. While exasperated at how clueless Zoro could be for not knowing who Charlos was and what the repercussions for killing him would be, she became even more confused when he picked up a man who had previously been shot by Charlos and carried him to a nearby hospital.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Though she and Law have not been known to have met, she does admire him for his alliance’s victory over the Donquixote Pirates.


World Government & Marines

As a pirate, Bonney is a criminal wanted by both the World Government and the Marines. Before that, Bonney was used as a hostage by the World Government to make Kuma become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and a cyborg weapon with no free will. Jaygarcia Saturn threatened to have Bonney enslaved if Kuma did not keep his distance from her following the completion of her Sapphire Scales treatment, as a way to prevent a possible betrayal from Kuma’s part. During the time Bonney received treatment at Egghead, she had a brief friendship with Sentomaru and Kizaru.

In the present day, Bonney dislikes the government for giving Kuma the reputation of a tyrant king, which she knows is a lie. According to Akainu, Bonney was valuable for the government, who were interested in keeping her around due to ensure Kuma’s loyalty to them. However, by the time CP0 invaded Egghead, Rob Lucci deemed Bonney to be of no further use to the government and prepared to eliminate her, though Saturn is willing to let her go.

Jaygarcia Saturn

While initially hostile and holding a grudge towards Vegapunk for turning Kuma into a mindless cyborg, Bonney has redirected these feelings at Jaygarcia Saturn after she found Kuma’s memories and realized that the member of the Five Elders was the one truly responsible for what happened. Upon seeing Saturn, Bonney immediately tried to attack him, doing so with tears in her eyes. Even as she openly resented him for “killing” her father, Saturn said it was justified as Kuma was part of a race that committed a crime against the world.

Saturn originally had interest in keeping Bonney alive to strengthen the World Government’s hold over Kuma, essentially keeping the girl hostage and threatening to enslave her if Kuma attempted to escape his Pacifista conversion procedure. Once Kuma became a full-time slave of the World Nobles, Saturn no longer viewed Bonney as a priority target and was willing to ignore her during the Marine siege at Egghead, but once the girl started fighting back against him and the Marines there, Saturn changed his mind and readied to have her executed by firing squad.


Alpha was the CP8 agent who was in charge of watching over Bonney as a result of the deal Kuma made with the World Government to approve her medical treatment. Despite posing as someone who was responsible for Bonney’s recovery from her Saphire Scales operation, Alpha’s real mission was to keep the girl hostage as a way to dissuade Kuma from betraying the World Government.

Alpha was generally disgusted by the relationship between Bonney and her father, and as a result destroyed any letters delivered by the latter to the former since she had full control over what arrived in Bonney’s hands at the time. She also forbade Bonney from being released from her confinement even after she got fully cured, something that drove up suspicions from the Sorbet citizens about Alpha’s true role there.

When Alpha found out that Bonney had escaped her watch with the help of Conney, Alpha became furious and pursued Bonney all the way to the open sea, threatening to have the girl violently beaten and all her accomplices killed. She however easily lost to Bonney in combat, having been unaware about her true strength.

Marshall D. Teach

After the Summit War of Marineford, Bonney was ambushed and defeated by the Blackbeard Pirates, who held her hostage in order to obtain a ship from the World Government. Blackbeard had interest in having Bonney become his woman, but once she retaliated at him with a kick, he quickly changed his mind, stating that she was not lady-like enough for him.



Bonney met Dr. Vegapunk four years ago, as he was the man who treated her Sapphire Scales disease, to which she was grateful about. However, Bonney was unaware about the conditions Kuma had accepted in order for the procedure to happen, not realizing that her father would turn into a mindless weapon for the World Government her sake. After witnessing the Summit War of Marineford and the state Kuma was in, Bonney stated her intent to enter the New World to hunt down the man responsible, most certainly referring to Vegapunk.

Two years later, Bonney came to Egghead to search for Dr. Vegapunk, demanding answers on why Kuma would agree to the process of becoming a mindless cyborg and how to change him back to normal, potentially planning on killing the scientist based on his response. Upon finally meeting Vegapunk again, she threatened him to change her father back to normal, but the weapon she picked up backfired on her by attracting insects to her person, causing her to faint before she could carry out her threat. After awakening, Bonney continued her pursuit, further inflamed as she accused Vegapunk of being the one who unleashed the insects on her.

After going through the memories of her father, she no longer has any desire to kill Vegapunk as she learned that he was against turning Kuma into a cyborg as it was Saturn who forced the deal on Kuma. When they later met again, she hugged Vegapunk and apologized for attacking him, and the two fully reconciled.


Bonney first met Sentomaru four years ago, when she and Kuma visited Vegapunk to cure her disease. She would play around with Sentomaru while Kuma busied himself with Vegapunk’s experiments, much to the bodyguard’s annoyance.

However, Sentomaru viewed Bonney as a friend, caring enough for her well-being to use his remaining strength in order to save her from an otherwise deadly fall, while also alerting the young girl about an incoming Marine invasion. Even as she hid from her pursuers, Bonney remained concerned with Sentomaru.

Revolutionary Army

Bonney is familiar with the organization as her father was part of it. She sees them as trustworthy to the point of offering a team-up to save her father. Sabo, in turn, is aware of her as being the daughter of Kuma and accepted her request. She entrusted keeping Kuma safe to the Revolutionary while she went to Egghead to find Vegapunk and turn her father back to normal. She recalled that Dragon is a very good friend of Kuma.

Abilities and Powers

As the captain of the Bonney Pirates, Bonney has complete authority over the crew. As a member of the Worst Generation, she is a powerful pirate. Reputation wise, as pirates she and her crew were known for not only attacking marines, but for also beating up the elderly and children, though these so-called elderly and children that were attacked by the crew were all mainly victims of Bonney’s powers. This brutal reputation, along with her successfully avoiding and escaping capture from the Marines and World Government for so long helped turn her into one of the most infamous rookie pirates in the world, following in her adopted father’s footsteps as a notorious pirate.

Over seven years ago, Bonney contracted the extremely rare Sapphire Scales illness, the same that killed her mother. Because of this disease, Bonney’s skin became susceptible to natural light sources. Upon completing the experimental stem cell transplant therapy, Bonney was completely cured and able to come into contact to light without any harm.

It is known that she has been training her body and stamina since she was six, in order to eventually sail the seas with her father. At eight years old, Bonney already knew how to fight and defeat adult opponents. By the time she started her piracy career at the ripe age of nine, Bonney could already beat a member of Cipher Pol, a feat that is nothing short of extraordinary for a normal pirate, let alone a child.

Before the timeskip, she had a bounty of 140,000,000, after the timeskip, it rose to 320,000,000.

Infiltration and Stealth

Bonney appears to be a very skilled escape artist, as she has managed to escape from the World Government’s possession twice. Likewise, she is skilled at infiltration, stealth, thievery, acting, and mind games thanks to her Devil Fruit. She proved this when she successfully managed to infiltrate Mary Geoise by posing as one of the Levely attendees, a noteworthy feat considering that for most pirates, entering through Mary Geoise without being invited or enslaved is considered practically impossible. Rob Lucci even noted that she has escaped the World Government’s hold over her many times.

Physical Abilities

Due to her strong desire to overcome her illness and sail the seas, Bonney trained herself from a very young age to be as physically capable as possible, and as a result Bonney has shown considerable physical abilities despite her slender frame and young age enhanced by the her Devil Fruit to manipulate her physical age. Even at a young age of eight, Bonney was more than capable of fighting and defeating grown men, and severely beating them as well. She even managed the extraordinary feat of defeating Alpha; a member of Cipher Pol, with a single punch, despite her young age. Similar to Hancock’s and Sanji’s fighting styles, Bonney’s fighting style seems to personally emphasis on powerful and acrobatic kicks. She even managed to injure Marshall D. Teach, who is a monstrously durable man, by kicking him in the head. She was also able to make a distracted Luffy bleed and send him flying with just one kick despite his own substantial durability.

Bonney is also extremely fast. She managed to tackle Zoro before he was able to attack Saint Charlos and sense his killing intent quickly enough to respond before he could attack. Bonney was also fast enough to intercept Luffy and stop him from attacking a Pacifista.

Bonney has an incredible metabolism where she can eat large amounts of food, to the point where she becomes fat and round, but instantly burns all the calories to replenish her stamina. Likewise, she has displayed an immense level of physical endurance, having survived a shock from Egghead’s Frontier Dome at maximum strength.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Toshi Toshi no Mi

Due to Jaygarcia Saturn’s experiment to test whether a Devil Fruit could be given to an infant via an extract, Bonney acquired the Toshi Toshi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to freely manipulate the aging process of anything, including herself, other people, and objects. Although the effects are only temporary on living things. A unique effect of this ability is that the years Bonney steals from people are physically manifested in the form of sparkling three-dimensional jewels and shapes.

She can use this power to disguise herself, being able to freely change between a little girl, a young adult, and an old granny, making it so people will not recognize her as the same person they are looking for. Another benefit is that she can cripple opponents by rapidly aging them into their feeble senior years or by regressing them into small, weak children.

Another application of this power is by ‘shooting’ at an opponent, she can induce a Near Death Experience (NDE), causing them to briefly adopt the appearance of a skeleton before their flesh returns. This ability seems to make an opponent actually experience a pseudo-death, akin to a physical hallucination.


Despite being a child, Bonney is generally versatile with weapons, often picking up any nearby objects that could be potentially used for battle (from actual weapons to random scrap).

At one point during her rookie days, she wielded a plain stick weapon when invading a certain island. At Egghead’s scrap heap, she was in possession of a beam saber that was considered a failure by Vegapunk due to its unintended side-effect of attracting bug swarms. Later, Bonney used a pipe as a makeshift club, swinging it as she chased Vegapunk down a corridor. While facing Kizaru, she employed a metal cord from the then destroyed Vegaforce-01 instead, but was unable to hit the Admiral. While fighting Marines on Egghead, Bonney managed to acquire a pistol and later picked up a stray katana to stab Saturn with.



Twelve years ago, Bonney was born the daughter of Ginny, a commander of the Revolutionary Army who was kidnapped and forcibly made the wife of a World Noble. However, the identity of Bonney’s biological father remains unknown. Jaygarcia Saturn appeared to be close to the World Noble in that he was aware of the previous seven wives of said Noble with Ginny being the eighth. While Bonney was still a baby, Saturn performed an experiment to test whether a Devil Fruit could be given to an infant via an extract, which turned out to be a success on Bonney who was given the Toshi Toshi no Mi in the process. However, due to a separate experiment performed on her mother that ended in failure, with both Ginny and Bonney contracting the Sapphire Scales disease and were thrown out of Mary Geoise. Ginny used the last bits of her strength to sail to Sorbet Kingdom with Bonney, where she finally died. Bartholomew Kuma then arrived and promised to raise Bonney, with the church-going elders assisting him.

Around the time Bonney became a toddler, she started developing symptoms of Sapphire Scales as well, forcing her to remain inside the now-barricaded chapel to avoid the sunlight. Many doctors attempted to examine Bonney but were unable to identify her specific condition. By age five, Bonney was constantly bullied for the stone-like protrusion that had grown under her eye, but she was able to fend off her annoyers by herself, as Kuma tried to keep her away from the sun. At one point in her life, Kuma asked Bonney about locations she would like to visit once cured, showing interest in places like the Sky Islands and Fish-Man Island.

Later, at one specific night, a doctor was able to successfully diagnose Bonney’s illness. He informed Kuma about the disease’s specifics, admitting it was terminal and that Bonney would only last until her tenth year of life, at maximum. Bonney, overhearing this whole conversation, misunderstood the doctor’s words, interpreting his diagnosis as her being free of her illness once she became ten years old. Now happy and hopeful, Bonney surprised her father about what she understood was going to be her eventual cure, with Kuma being unable to tell her the truth.

Some time after age five, Bonney subconsciously accessed the power of the Toshi Toshi no Mi, giving her the power to freely alter her appearance age-wise. She started to build up her stamina so she could travel with Kuma, unaware that she had taken an adult form until seeing herself in the mirror. From that point on, Bonney tried to control her ability in order to get older faster, despite Kuma’s protests. When Bulldog and his mother Conney showed up at the church to speak with Kuma, Bonnie managed to age herself up into an elderly appearance by using Conney as a model.

Bonney later bid goodbye to her father when the latter decided to leave Sorbet following Bekori’s false propagandizing of Kuma as a tyrant, staying under the care of King Bulldog and his mother Conney and proclaiming that she would join with her father as a pirate by age ten. By age eight, she learned how to fight through the kingdom’s royal guard. When Kuma eventually returned, he took Bonney to Egghead, under the justification of a regular checkup, and left her in Sentomaru’s company. Unbeknown to Bonney, Dr. Vegapunk planned to cure her using stem cell technology after striking a deal with her father, who later had to accept more terms after Saturn and the Marines became involved and her own life became a bargaining chip.

Clueless about the inhumane conditions that her father had to accept for her medical operation’s approval (all kept a secret by Kuma’s own request), Bonney would happily spend the next half a year receiving surgical treatment at Egghead in Kuma’s company, as well as that of Vegapunk, Sentomaru and occasionally Borsalino’s, leading to all of them growing close. Bonney also made a scribbly drawing of her father during this period, which Kuma would then adopt as his Jolly Roger later on. After six months, Bonney’s disease was considered mostly cured by Vegapunk, although she was still required to spend another year away from natural sunlight at the Sorbet Kingdom, again per Kuma’s request.

Back in her homeland, Bonney was welcomed by the citizens and reunited herself with Queen Conney, who intended to take care of her once more. She also met Alpha, a CP8 agent posing as nurse who would be in charge of monitoring her full recovery, not knowing that she was in truth being kept hostage by her. Kuma, who was not allowed to meet Bonney ever again due to the agreement he had made with the World Government, bid his daughter a final farewell without telling her about all the sacrifices he had made for her good health, only thanking her for being born and existing in his life. As Kuma left the kingdom, Bonney cheered for him alongside the rest of the citizens.

Since Kuma’s departure, Bonney would wait repeatedly for letters from Kuma, unaware that said letters were intercepted and confiscated by Alpha. One day, when Bonney was sparring with Gyogyo with her ability active, Alpha briefly stumbled into a transformed Bonney, but the latter was quick to detransform in order to keep her abilities a secret per Conney’s advice.

On September 1st, Bonney celebrated her ninth birthday party with the residents of Sorbet. As they fell asleep, she went to check the mailbox for letters from Kuma, but again found nothing to her frustration. Half a year later, Bonney’s Sapphire Scales had been fully cured, but Alpha refused to allow her outside claiming she needed to stay until she turned ten, which outraged Bonney as that contradicted what Vegapunk had told her. Conney revealed to Bonney that she overheard that Alpha was in fact a government agent and that she had let slip that the illness was already cured. Conney went on to orchestrate a plan to allow Bonney to escape to sea and find Kuma, disguising herself as an elderly Bonney while the real Bonney disguised as Conney went off to an escape ship with Gyogyo and other fishermen.

Alpha caught on to this plan and chased after Bonney at sea. Bonney then recalled a conversation she had with Kuma about what Nika looked like and used the information her father had told her to manifest a giant, rubbery fist and defeat Alpha.

East Blue Saga

As Bonney took to the sea to become a pirate, she officially formed the Bonney Pirates. For the following year, she and her crew journeyed the seas to find Kuma, getting into scuffles with the Marines and earning a reputation for targeting children and the elderly (actually just a misunderstanding caused by her Devil Fruit’s effects).

One day, Bonney and her crew tracked Kuma to a certain island and fought with the stationed Marines there. While Kuma was indeed present at the island, he teleported away to prevent an encounter out of concern for her safety. This did not discourage Bonney, however, and she resumed her journey with the intent of becoming famous enough that her father would eventually notice her. She also showed a desire to meet Nika as well.

At some point, Bonney entered the Grand Line, earning herself a bounty of 140,000,000 and becoming a very infamous pirate by the time her crew reached the Sabaody Archipelago. She also became a high-priority target for the World Government to recover.

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

After a long voyage following one of the Log Pose routes of the Grand Line, Bonney and her crew came to the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare themselves for the New World. While there, she and her crew decided to eat in a restaurant located in Grove 24 of the mangrove. There, she ordered a big meal and disgusted the other customers with her appetite and bad table manners. She, in particular, disgusted Capone Bege and almost got into a fight with him and his crew if not for the temporary truce that they had to observe between them.

After her meal and leaving the restaurant, she saw Roronoa Zoro about to attack a World Noble (Charlos) who shot at him. As Zoro evaded the shot and prepared to retaliate, Bonney leaped at Zoro and threw him down to the ground. While doing so, she subsequently called Zoro “her brother” and stated that he “died” (slapping some tomato juice onto Zoro’s forehead to make it look so) at that moment from the shot fired from the World Noble in order to prevent an incident from happening, which could potentially cause an Admiral to be dispatched by the Marines to the archipelago. After the noble left, Bonney scolded Zoro for the stunt he pulled. As Zoro carried a man whom the noble shot to a hospital, Bonney wondered why a pirate would help people.

Upon hearing of Monkey D. Luffy’s attack on a World Noble, she became angry and said that if she ever sees the Straw Hat Pirates again in the New World, she would crush them there. In the midst of her escape, she used her Devil Fruit abilities to turn any attacking Marines into children and old men.

Marineford Arc

Having successfully escaped the Marines’ assault, Bonney remained on Sabaody and watched the broadcast of the Summit War of Marineford, which brought her to tears. After the transmission was cut, she and her crew sailed to the outskirts of Marineford and watched the War from afar with other Supernovas. She remarked that some event at the war were all someone’s fault, telling her crew to head to the New World to go after this person.

Post-War Arc

Almost immediately after entering the New World, Bonney’s crew was defeated, and she was taken hostage by the Blackbeard Pirates and was offered to the Marines to be traded for a battleship as replacement. Blackbeard told Bonney that she is too weak to survive and that she is the first to be eliminated. He did offer her the chance to stay if she became his woman. Refusing to be further shamed, she angrily turned him down and kicked him (due only to having her hands restrained). Van Augur soon alerted Teach that the battleship arrived, but it was not there for a trade because Akainu was on board. Knowing that the trade would not happen, the Blackbeard Pirates fled, leaving Bonney and her crew behind to be arrested.

Akainu reached the shackled pirate and her crew and coldly informed Bonney that he was truly frightened when she escaped from the World Government but was glad that she was back under their control. Akainu then revealed to Bonney that no matter how much she complained, it would not change the fact that her father willingly agreed to be experimented on and become a human weapon and have his mind erased, causing her to yell at him in defiance claiming that could not possibly be the case, and that her father would never leave her behind. Afterwards, she was taken to Marine Headquarters, where she was lucky enough to make her escape unlike her crewmates.

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

While eating a slice of pizza, Bonney read the news concerning Donquixote Doflamingo’s supposed resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the newly formed pirate alliances.

After Doflamingo’s defeat, Bonney turned into an old woman, stole some pizza from a shop, ran away, and turned into a young child to avoid capture. While eating pizza, she read about Luffy and Trafalgar Law’s victory in the newspaper and praised their actions, stating how happy she was to be from the same generation as them.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

Bonney entered Mary Geoise by posing as the Queen Dowager Conney of the Sorbet Kingdom, one of the Levely attendees. She later went to the Celestial Dragon gate at the Pangaea Castle and snuck into the Domain of the Gods when the gate opened for an injured Charlos. While hiding from the Celestial Dragons, she saw how Rosward mistreated the enslaved Kuma and was extremely disgusted from seeing it.

Wano Country Saga

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

One Piece: Stampede

Bonney and her crew attended the Pirates Festival on Delta Island. She participated in the main event, the Treasure Race, safely sailing up the Knock Up Stream and landing on the central Treasure Island, where all the pirates raced for Gol D. Roger’s treasure, all the while battling other Worst Generation members. When Buggy ended up exposing himself after snatching the treasure, Bonney and her crew chased after the Warlord. However, the Treasure Race was cut short, when someone threw a galleon at the island, destroying it, and sending everything plummeting back to the surface. When Bonney realized that the one who did this was Douglas Bullet, she was quite surprised. In the end, she gave into Bullet’s taunting, and together with the other Worst Generation members (except for Zoro and Law) attacked the Demon Heir. At first the Worst Generation pirates managed to deal a few good blows on the veteran, but when the opponent revealed his Gasha Gasha no Mi powers, the battle quickly ended in their defeat.

Later, after Bullet was defeated, her crew along with the other Worst Generation pirates and several other crews attempted to breakthrough the Marines encirclement surrounding the island. They were able to successfully escape thanks to Sabo and Ann creating a blazing barrier to protect them.

Concludes non-canon section.

Wano Country Arc

During her infiltration, Bonney managed to sneak inside Pangaea Castle, managing to slip past the guards. Inside the castle, she encountered Sabo, who was retrieving the keys for Kuma’s cuffs, being surprised to meet any Revolutionary Army member in Mary Geoise. She immediately approved of their mission, being sure they would save Kuma and bring him to safety. To Sabo’s question of what her next move would be, she replied she would head to Egghead to question Vegapunk about ways to restore Kuma to his old self. She was then saved by Sabo when guards were heading in their direction, overhearing their conversation about the “Lost Chamber”. Sabo then guided her outside the castle, showing her the way she would have to take to find her way to Egghead, with Bonney asking him for the Army to take care of Kuma. She later escaped from Mary Geoise by stowing away on the Tajine Kingdom’s ship.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

After departing Mary Geoise, Bonney became aware of Monkey D. Luffy’s new wanted poster and emperor status. Sailing to Egghead alone, her ship was destroyed by a metal monster, leading to her becoming stuck in a Warm Eddy. Bonney then encountered the Straw Hat Pirates, who rescued her from the sea current. As Luffy and Chopper were falling off the Thousand Sunny, Luffy caught Bonney and the three of them fell into the ocean. Jinbe jumped off the ship and eventually rescued them. Sometime later, Bonney, who had returned to her adult form, Luffy, Jinbe and Chopper dried themselves in a cave on the island of Egghead, as Bonney thanked them for saving her life. She then remarked that she was by herself and hungry, with Luffy agreeing that he was starving as well. When Luffy proposed that they should go look for a restaurant on island, Bonney angrily told them both that Egghead was a government island and she had a score with its head, Dr. Vegapunk, to settle.

While inside of Egghead, Bonney confirmed that she had been in the island back when she was a kid, adding that at the time it was not much more than a fairly standard lab. Luffy then asked her why she came back, and Bonney told him that she was looking for answers from Vegapunk, who she planned to kill for turning her father into a cyborg. As they made their way up into the interior of the island, she, Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe found themselves in a futuristic looking part of the island. Bonney then remembered that she had met with Sabo at Mary Geoise, but she decided not to tell Luffy yet. In the city, the group discovered holograms and a vending machine that created food, using the latter to eat as much as they could. The group would then meet a girl who explained the unusual climate and special machines to them and would later introduce herself as Dr. Vegapunk, leaving Bonney (who already knew Vegapunk as an old man) enraged for a perceived lie.

Atlas later left the group alone after they ate enough, when they eventually stumbled onto a clothes dispenser and got new clothes. However, soon a police Pacifista attacked them for not paying, and when Luffy attempted to retaliate, Bonney interfered, tearfully revealing to the three Straw Hats that Kuma was her father. Though the Straw Hats were shocked at the revelation, this did not stop the Pacifista from attacking her, with Luffy running to save her. She later changed the ages of herself, Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe to lose the Pacifista and escape to a junkyard. Once there, she listened to the rumors Jinbe had heard about Kuma’s past, saying she understood how her father could have agreed to become a Warlord, but not why he would agree to become a mindless machine. Bonney also strongly disagreed that he was a tyrant and argued that he must have been coerced into helping the World Government despite his hatred of them. She then salvaged a seemingly usable “beam saber” from the junkyard and continued to explore it with the Straw Hats, until they eventually stumbled upon an ancient robot and Dr. Vegapunk himself.

Bonney listened to Vegapunk’s explanation of Punk Records and his 6 satellites, before accusing him of always shrugging off sacrifices in the name of progress and threatening him with her beam saber. She demanded that he return her father to normal, but he responded by panicking and insisting that the beam saber was defective – which turned out to be true as it attracted a massive hoard of bugs once turned on. The bugs swarmed a panicking Bonney until she fell unconscious while foaming at the mouth.

While Bonney was unconscious, Vegapunk asked Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe to take her to the Labophase, and told them that they should all leave before Fabriophase becomes a battlefield. As they advanced the Labophase, then they ran into Lucci, with Luffy engaging into a fight with Lucci while Jinbe and Chopper evacuated from the battleground to Labophase, carrying Atlas and Bonney with them respectively. As the vacuum rocket was on the way to Labophase, Bonney woke up, not really noticing that the person sitting next to her was Luffy (due to the side effect from using Gear 5).

Once at Labophase, Bonney separated from the group, demanding that Vegapunk restore her father Bartholomew Kuma back to normal. As Bonney began chasing Vegapunk, the latter mentioned he could not and there was a good reason for it. Bonney then used her ability to lure Vegapunk into her trap and force him to tell her more about why he took her father’s personality from him. Vegapunk refused to tell Bonney the truth because he made Kuma a promise to keep a secret no matter what. Bonney refused to believe Vegapunk’s words, especially when he said that Kuma voluntarily gave up his humanity. That’s when Bonney saw a huge door with a bear paw print on it, and deduced it was connected to Kuma. She opened the door by aging the lock and found a huge paw-shaped bubble. Vegapunk begged Bonney not to touch the bubble, calling it nothing but pain strong enough to kill someone. Bonney, however, told Vegapunk that she was very familiar with her father’s powers, and that what was in front of her where in fact his memories.

Bonney decided to look into her father’s memories where she observed a younger Kuma being abused by people who were trying to have him placed back into confinement, the horror of which forced her out of the bubble. Bonney realized she was pushed out because she lacked the resolve to continue watching, and she willed herself the courage to face the memories again in order to learn the truth of why her father became a cyborg, however, she later cried over the memories of Kuma’s life and the truth behind his modifications. After viewing these memories, Bonney hugged Vegapunk, apologizing for trying to attack him, and Vegapunk gave Bonney the present Kuma left with him, a sapphire necklace meant as her tenth birthday present. The two discuss Luffy being the son of her father’s friend and how surprising it was for Vegapunk to see them together, with Vegapunk noting that Luffy and his crew had just saved his life. Vegapunk then apologized to Bonney, but she comforted the scientist that it was not his fault, blaming Jaygarcia Saturn instead.

A night later, Bonney reunited with Lucci and the Straw Hat Pirates, where York was subdued and contacted the Five Elders against her will. After the conversation with the Elders ended, and the group came up with an escape plan, Bonney tagged along with Lilith, Franky, and Luffy. As they headed to the Thousand Sunny and the Vegaforce-01, Bonney and Luffy agreed that they would miss the food on the island, but Luffy then told her that Sanji would make them food, which made Bonney happy. When Luffy asked her why she’s in such a good mood, she stated that she no longer wanted Vegapunk dead, and that she felt better because of that.

Bonney was caught in the crossfire of Luffy and Kizaru’s fight when Luffy was sent crashing through the Vegaforce-01, destroying it. She, Franky and Lilith quickly moved to escape its explosion, hardly managing to do so. Before they could get their bearings, Kizaru appeared and confronted Bonney, telling her not to get in his way. Bonney responded by saying that her targets had shifted and attempted to attack Kizaru with a piece from the destroyed Vegaforce-01. Kizaru easily dodged out of the way, kicking Bonney at the speed of light and launching her straight into the Frontier Dome, which caused an explosion when she hit it. Bonney survived, and as she fell to the Fabiriophase below, Sentomaru used the last of his strength to catch her before she hit the ground. Bonney then attacked some approaching Marines with her Devil Fruit before going into hiding in some nearby rubble.

While fighting off a few Marines who found her, Bonney was relieved to hear that the Pacifista would no longer be targeting her. Bonney quickly incapacitated a few of the Marines into a state of shock using her Devil Fruit ability and attempted to flee. Her attempt was stopped, however, when a singular Pacifista was being controlled by Marine Vice Admiral Bluegrass. Bonney, still unwilling to fight the Pacifista due to their resemblance to her father, froze up, but was saved by Sanji at the last moment. Sanji carried the surprised Bonney to the Vegatank, and the two quickly entered to make their escape back to the Labophase. Their attempt to escape was foiled by Kizaru, and the Vegatank fell back down, directly in front of Jaygarcia Saturn, who had just arrived. Bonney was enraged at the sight of Saturn, quickly jumping into action and grabbing a sword. As she remembered that he was part of the reason why her father no longer had his memories, Bonney stabbed Saturn in the chest, for which he glared at her.

Bonney’s attack proved to be completely ineffective, as Saturn simply shrugged it off and proceeded to blast Bonney back using one of his abilities. He then caught Bonney in his hand and incapacitated an enraged Sanji using the same ability from before. Moments later, he declared that Bonney and Luffy’s presence on Egghead was unexpected, but of no consequence, and that he would like to see them try to escape. Saturn continued by crushing Bonney in his hand while blaming human nature for desiring to do what was forbidden. Bonney angrily responded by saying that Saturn was the reason her father no longer had his memories, to which Saturn stated that Kuma’s status as a slave was only natural, considering he was part of the Buccaneer race. Saturn held Bonney up into the air and ordered the surrounding Marines to aim for the head while Bonney solemnly remembered what her father had told her in the past about Nika.

Bonney, in attempt to take down Saturn with her before she would be killed attempted to use a Distortion Future Nika like attack on Saturn, with it ultimately failing. Saturn, while surprised she knows of Nika noted that she does not grasp the significance of that name and has not made the connection between Luffy’s awakened form, Saturn revealed to Bonney that the reason she has the Toshi Toshi no Mi is because of him, telling her that it was the result of an experiment of extracting and administering a Devil Fruit to an infant, while also revealing that the Sapphire Scales were the result of an experiment on her mother Ginny that transferred over to Bonney as well. Bonney is brought to tears at the revelation that her and her father’s suffering was brought about by Saturn and is crushed from the fear and despair, feeling it would be better if she died, internally apologizing to her father. Before Saturn could deal a fatal blow to Bonney, Kuma rushes in to take the hit for her moving Bonney to tears once again. Kuma then retaliated and struck Saturn with a powerful blow to the face, after he comforted Bonney as she was crying hugging after the ordeal, Bonney then thanked Kuma for everything he had done for throughout her life and the letters he wrote and that she’ll never forget any of it. Afterwards Saturn got up and questioned why Kuma was able to move and retain free will, after not getting a satysfying answer from Vegapunk he attempted to strike Kuma but was blocked by Sanji. Bonney told Vegapunk that Kuma wasnt able to move anymore so he ordered Atlas to carry Kuma back to the labophase.

Major Battles

  • Jewelry Bonney vs. Alpha
  • Bonney Pirates vs. Marines
  • Bonney Pirates vs. Blackbeard Pirates (unseen)
  • Jewelry Bonney vs. Marines (Egghead)
  • Jewelry Bonney vs. Jaygarcia Saturn

Filler Battles

  • Eleven Supernovas (minus Law and Zoro) vs. Douglas Bullet

Early Concepts

In the eighth volume of One Piece Magazine, several early design sketches for Bonney were revealed, some of which included different variations of her hat and outfit.




Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Py Berry Match
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise
  • One Piece Bounty Rush
  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

Support Appearances

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle
  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World
  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X
  • One Piece: Burning Blood
  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum


  • In the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th fan polls of most popular characters, Bonney was ranked 36th, 67th, 68th, and 85th, respectively.
  • Bonney is the only known female with the title of Super Rookie, as well as the only female in the Worst Generation. She is also the youngest at 12 years old.
    • She and Monkey D. Luffy are the only known members of the Worst Generation to be children of other wanted criminals, in both cases, being the Revolutionaries. Bonney is the daughter of Ginny and the adopted daughter of Bartholomew Kuma, while Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon.
    • Currently, Bonney is the youngest person to be a Pirate Captain and have a wanted bounty on their head.
    • Coincidentally, Bonney and Trafalgar Law have both suffered from a seemingly incurable disease when they were young, but managed to survive, despite being estimated to die within a few years. Bonney suffered from the Sapphire Scales disease, while Law suffered from Amber Lead Syndrome.
    • Bonney is also the first Super Rookie to enter the New World (even before becoming a pirate), having been brought to Egghead by Kuma at the age of 8 years old.
  • Bonney’s identity as Bartholomew Kuma’s daughter was spoiled through her entry in the Vivre Card databook, which noted the nature of their connection in one of her concept artworks.
    • The same card also hinted at her role during the Egghead Arc, which was to find Vegapunk and request him to “turn her father back”.
  • The origin of Bonney’s surname “Jewelry” is currently unconfirmed, as it does not match those with Kuma’s or her mother, Ginny, who had no surname; however, the surname is likely based on when Bonney contracted the Sapphire Scales disease, where Kuma called her skin stones “jewels” (宝石, hōseki?) in order to cheer her up.
  • Bonney’s side cap and fur coat pre-timeskip originally belonged to Conney and were given to her for the sake of disguising herself as Conney.

SBS-Based Trivia

  • Bonney’s birthday, September 1, comes from her epithet since 9-1 can be derived from Oo-gurai.
  • Bonney’s name was taken from the 18th century Irish woman Anne Bonny, a noble turned pirate who operated in the Caribbean.
  • Unlike other characters, Bonney’s age provided in SBS, which was published before Chapter 1098, is noted to be an estimation.
  • Bonney’s favorite food is pizza Margherita, and her least favorite food are carrots.
  • Bonney’s animal resemblance is a deer.
  • If One Piece was set in the real world, then Bonney would be from Australia.
  • When a fan asked which flower Bonney resembles the most, Oda answered she most resembles a freesia.
  • If Bonney was not a pirate, then she would be a pizza shop owner.
  • Bonney’s hobbies are eating food and playing Jenga. She is shown playing Jenga with Gyogyo in Chapter 1101.


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  • Anne Bonny – Wikipedia article on the real-life pirate Bonney is named after.

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