John Giant

John Giant

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John Giant is a Vice Admiral in the Marine Headquarters, and the first giant to ever enlist in the Marines.


John Giant is a giant, and towers over regular soldiers. He is shown to have curly brown hair with a large bulbous chin. Unlike most giants who have a more heavy rounded stature, John is one of the few giants to look mostly human.

Unlike other Marines, his traditional white robe is customized, with yellow accents, red borders, and a richly decorated collar. He also carries awarded medals on his left breast, signifying his important rank and status. He wears a traditional red bicorne hat with the Marine’s symbol. Unlike other high-ranking Marines, he actually wears his marine coat with his arms in the sleeves. Underneath that, he wears an orange shirt, simple loose pants and boots. Overall, he appears to be a well decorated Marine. He also wields a katana that fits his size, slung over his shoulder.

In Film Z, John Giant has grown a mustache.


John Giant is a loyal Marine Vice Admiral, willing to risk his life during the Summit War of Marineford by clashing with Whitebeard. He also seems to be very serious and stern.

Abilities and Powers

John is a giant, which grants him strength and endurance that is several times greater than that of an average human. As a Vice Admiral, he has command over all lower-ranking subordinates within the Marines.

However, the full extent of his abilities cannot be clearly determined as he fought against the powerful Whitebeard, who quickly defeated the Vice Admiral.


Further information: Haki

It was stated that all vice admirals possess Haki, so John can also use the ability.


He is a swordsman with a katana that fits his size. It has a clover-shaped tsuba and a tassel wrapped around its sheath.



In the distant past, the child trafficker Carmel used her connections to make John Giant the first giant to be enlisted into the Marines.

East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

John Giant gave a speech about maintaining “Justice” during the announcement of Monkey D. Luffy’s first bounty.

Water 7 Saga

Enies Lobby Arc

After the Buster Call was signaled, John Giant received the report directly and began shouting orders.

Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

When the execution of Portgas D. Ace was announced, Giant reported to the summoning of the Marines to reinforce Marineford.

Marineford Arc

Three hours before Ace’s execution, John Giant rallied the 100,000 troops in Marineford for the upcoming battle.

After Whitebeard began his attack and the pirates began their advance, Giant charged forth, entering into the plaza and attacking them. Due to his large size and strength, many of the pirates proved to be no match for him and could only flee from his rampage. He then directly attacked Whitebeard and tried cutting him down.

Whitebeard effortlessly blocked his strike, easily overpowering the giant. He then tilted the island using his quake powers, making John Giant lose his balance and fall. Afterwards, he got back up to try and attack Whitebeard again, but the Emperor attacked him first this time, hitting him with a quake punch to the chest, severely wounding and defeating the Vice Admiral.

Dressrosa Saga

One Piece Film: Z

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

While Z was making his move to destroy the three End Points in the New World, John Giant was seen in a Marine meeting as some of the high-ranking officers were discussing on how to deal with the crisis.

Concludes non-canon section.

Major Battles

  • The Marines and Seven Warlords of the Sea vs. Whitebeard Pirates and Allies
    • John Giant vs. Edward Newgate


  • He is the first giant to be revealed in the series, although his race was revealed much later than his first appearance.
  • When he was mentioned in Big Mom’s flashback, his name was misspelled in Japanese as “Jun Giant” (ジュン・ジャイアント, Jun Jaianto?); given that it was not a clearly obvious mistake, this spelling was used in the official English translation. It was later corrected in the volume release of the chapter.


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