Jorge was the head of the Judicial Ship that sailed to Water 7. He was the one who judged Tom for his support of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.


Jorge was an elderly man, with a large white mustache and beard. He has a wrinkled face, and sported a purple cap that matches his judge robes.


While he was a dutiful employee of the World Government, Jorge was rather reasonable and open-minded. He was willing to let Tom build the Sea Train, so it can be inferred that he cared about the greater good of Water 7. When the Sea Train turned out to be a success, Jorge became thankful for Tom and was glad enough to grant him a pardon.

Spandam described him as a “sentimental old fool”, who was willing to comply with Tom’s last request to turn a blind eye towards his apprentices in exchange of not pardoning him. This showed that, despite Tom taking responsibility for building the Oro Jackson and the bombing incident that day, Jorge still respected the shipwright.

Abilities and Powers

As a judge, his decision carries immense weight. He had the power to sentence even an influential shipwright such as Tom to death.



Jorge judged Tom twice: first sentencing him to death in Enies Lobby for building Gol D. Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson, but pardoned him after hearing Tom’s plan for the sea train, and asked if he could connect it to Enies Lobby. He pardoned Tom, thus allowing him to build it.

After fourteen years, Jorge returned to Water 7 and was positively fascinated with the sea train, planning to pardon Tom permanently. However, his ship was attacked on the orders of Spandam, the then leader of CP5, using Cutty Flam’s battleships and framing made Tom and his apprentices for the crime. Jorge pardoned Tom for the original offense but sentenced him and his apprentices for what Spandam had done. At the last moment, Tom managed to bargain that the building of the sea train may pardon the crime committed that day instead, and confessed to aiding Gol D. Roger, hoping to save Franky and Iceburg from death. The judge agreed, and Tom was taken away by CP5 on the Sea Train he built.


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