Joshu is a cat and Edison’s assistant on Egghead.


Joshu is a small cat with light-colored fur. It walks on two legs and wears a dark-colored, long-sleeved shirt and dark-colored pants.


Joshu is an obedient assistant and enjoys helping people.

Abilities and Powers

Despite being a cat, Joshu is capable of walking on two legs and using a pen and paper to take notes.


Egghead Arc

Joshu followed Edison to draw up plans for a new invention, as the scientist was struck with a sudden idea after watching the Straw Hat Pirates fight S-Shark.

Translation and Dub Issues

Joshu is derived from the Japanese word 助手 (joshu?), which means “assistant.”

In the VIZ release of Chapter 1065, a line was added in which Edison called Joshu “Assis-Tabby”. In the Japanese version, Edison says “猫の手も 借りたい” (neko no te mo karitai?, lit. “to want to borrow even the paw of a cat”), an idiom referring to there not being enough time in the day.


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