Junan is a fish-man and a cashier at Pappag’s Criminal Brand store.


Junan is a fish-man with grey skin and a long neck, with red stripes coming from the back of his neck, and blond hair. His hair style is round, but pointed at the top, with blond sideburns. He has a light green fin on the back of his neck. He wears a tuxedo under a black coat with yellow buttons, a white shirt, and a purple bowtie.


He seems to care about making money, being shocked that the Straw Hats were able to take so much from the store without paying anything. He seems to be loyal to his boss, Pappug.

Abilities and Powers

Since Junan is a fish-man, he has ten times the natural strength of an average human, and twice that underwater.


Fish-Man Island Arc

Junan was first seen reacting in surprise when Nami bargained to purchase some of the store’s merchandise at less than half of the original price. When Pappag arrived, Junan was relieved to see him but was then shocked when Nami was pinching Pappag while complaining about the store’s prices. After Pappag allowed the Straw Hats to take anything they wanted, Junan informed the store’s owner that they took all the merchandise.


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