Kairo Kureyo

Kairo Kureyo

Kairo Kureyo is a prisoner on Level 5 of Impel Down.


Kureyo has frozen spiky hair and wears a prisoner uniform that is almost completely covered in ice.


Nothing is known about his personality.

Abilities and Powers

Judging by the fact that Kureyo was considered a rather dangerous person and imprisoned on one of the most brutal levels of Impel Down, where prisoners with a bounty of 100,000,000 and higher are kept, suggests that he was very strong before his arrest.



At some point in his life, Kureyo was sentenced as a criminal and imprisoned on Level 5 of Impel Down.

Impel Down Arc

Due to the freezing temperatures of Level 5, Kureyo froze inside the cell. His cellmate commented that he was either dead or “preserved for the future”.


  • His name is likely a pun on “Kairo kure yo” (懐炉くれよ?, meaning “give me a hand warmer”).
  • Stephen Paul, the official VIZ translator, informally translated Kureyo’s name as “Spara Heetpack”. This translation was later used in the 7th popularity poll.


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