Kaku (Wano)

Kaku (Wano)

Kaku is a gangster who is a member of the Kyoshiro Family in Wano Country.


Kaku is an extremely tall and thin man with a long neck. His light-ginger hair is arranged in a top knot in the back and points in the sides, and he wears a navy blue cap with green-goggles over his eyes. He also wears a white kimono with a cyan river design splitting into a sky-blue, as well as a light-yellow character on its right shoulder.


Like Kuni and Suke, Kaku is quite greedy and wishes to extort local businesses for money to support his crime family, and will get violent if met with resistance.

Abilities and Powers

As he, Kuni, and Suke were preparing to get violent against Sanji, it can be assumed that Kaku has some degree of fighting skill, but what skill he has is unknown.


Kaku carries a katana on his hip, but has not been seen using it. The katana appears to be extremely long.


Wano Country Arc

When Sanji opened up a soba stand in the Flower Capital, Kaku, Kuni, and Suke went up to him and demanded that he pay them a fee to keep his stand safe. When Sanji refused, the trio started to attack, but Kuni and Suke were swiftly defeated by Sanji and Franky. Kaku went to Kyoshiro’s residence to report the events, and Kyoshiro told him to call Queen to send assassins to deal with Sanji.


  • The names of Kaku and his two cohorts are a reference to Mito Kōmon, a Japanese period drama which tells the story of Tokugawa Mitsukuni and his two samurai retainers “Suke-san” and “Kaku-san”.


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