Kakukaku is a resident of Water 7 who was among the townspeople as they discussed the attempted murder of Iceburg.


Kakukaku is a man with rectangular and square-like features, such as his rectangular head with black hair and his rectangular nose. He has a small necklace around his neck and wears two layers of clothing with a pair of pants that have a spiral design. In the digitally colored manga, his short-sleeved shirt is red with outer edges that are yellow, his button-up long-sleeved undershirt is brown, and his pants are green with the spiral designs being yellow. In the anime, however, he sports a brown short sleeved shirt over a red button-up undershirt.


Kakukaku is an erudite and so possesses great knowledge and learning and loves to get into long discussions and arguments with others. However, he gets scared very easily and will start trembling in fear when afraid. He also cares greatly for the well-being of respectable individuals, such as their mayor, as shown when he displayed a face of concern and was worried about Iceburg after he had been shot.


Water 7 Arc

The morning after Iceburg had been shot, Kakukaku was in the streets of Water 7 theorizing alongside his fellow citizens about who had shot their mayor. As his fellow townspeople discussed, Kakukaku listened on with a concerned look on his face.


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