Kamekichi is a newspaper deliveryman in the Flower Capital who announced reports of Kamazo the Manslayer and Ushimitsu Kozo.


Kamekichi is a slim man with round eyes, a large mouth, pointed ears, and a round chin. He has dark hair styled in a bob with a topknot.


Kamekichi is enthusiastic about announcing the news and tends to do so in a singing style. He can be very emphatic at his job, phrasing his announcements like actual headlines and asking questions to build anticipation.


Wano Country Arc

Kamekichi sold newspapers in the Flower Capital and announced the stories for the day, including ghost sightings at the northern graveyard, a attack by Kamazo in the eight block of district two, and a theft by Ushimitsu Kozo where the culprit sole from the rich and gave the money to poorer citizens. His report on Ushimitsu peaked a woman’s interest, and he sold her a paper.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Kamekichi’s scene is extended. He gives Franky a newspaper, and instead of Kamekichi shouting the news about Kamazo killing someone, Franky reads the news out loud. After announcing the news, he was surrounded by a crowd of townspeople who fervently wanted newspapers.


  • Part of Kamekichi’s name means tortoise (カメ, kame?), likely a reference to his round, bob haircut.


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