Kaneshiro is the shipwright of the Arlong Pirates and a goldfish fish-man. He was previously a member of the Sun Pirates.


Kaneshiro is a goldfish fish-man, with light pink skin, and two big blue fins on the side of his head. The tattoos on his head and his chest is the kanji for “gold” (, kin?), referencing the fact that his subspecies is a goldfish. He has a sun mark on his left arm, signifying that he was a member of the Sun Pirates. He sports an orange, open shirt, with circles on it, and white pants, with a light purple sash. He also has a tiny yellow hat on the top of his head.

When he and his crew first invaded the Conomi Islands, he wore a dark-colored hat, a short-sleeved shirt covered with the kanji for “gold” (, kin?), sandals and a small, dark-colored cape. He also wore striped pants that only extended a little bit past his knees with frills around the waist and cuffs. These shorter pants reveal another tattoo on the side of his left leg that says “THE GOLD FISH.”


Kaneshiro was confused after Usopp shot Arlong and announced himself to the fish-man crew.

Abilities and Powers

Kaneshiro, as a shipwright, is capable of fixing and building ships. As a fish-man, Kaneshiro is several times stronger than an average human. However, while he is strong, Kaneshiro is a lackey when compared to the stronger members of Arlong’s crew.


When Kanshiro charged at the Straw Hat Pirates, he wielded a short knife. However, he was defeated before he could use it.

When his crew invaded the Conomi Islands, Kaneshiro carried a long sabre on his left hip, though he has never been seen using it.



Kaneshiro was once part of the Sun Pirates, but, after Fisher Tiger died and the crew split up, he joined Arlong and several other fish-men on his quest to set up a Fish-Man Empire in East Blue.

When the Arlong Pirates invaded the Conomi Islands, Kaneshiro joined his crew to stand guard while Arlong and the crew’s officers collected from the villagers of Cocoyasi Village. The crew built Arlong Park and ruled over the islands’ villagers.

East Blue Saga

Arlong Park Arc

After the Arlong Pirates’ eight years of rule over the island, Kaneshiro, while accompanying Arlong on one of his excursions, witnessed Usopp shoot Arlong. Kaneshiro was confused when Usopp announced himself, mishearing the sniper’s name.

After this little incident, several events happened leading up to a battle at Arlong Park between the Arlong Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates. After Hatchan called Momoo to confront the pirates, Kaneshiro, Shioyaki, and their fellow crewmates charged at the Straw Hat crew. They were all were taken out by Luffy when the captain grabbed Momoo by the horns and used him to club them.

Major Battles

  • Arlong Pirates vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Anime and Manga Differences

In Episode 33, members of the Arlong Pirates carry Arlong through the forest back to Arlong Park. However, Arlong breaks free from their grip with rage, recalling his hatred toward Usopp. Kaneshiro and Pisaro, having both been knocked on the ground, cower in fear of Arlong’s anger. After Arlong collects himself, the group returns to Arlong Park. This scene occurs between Arlong’s encounter with Usopp in Gosa Village and when he finds his crew defeated by Zoro at Arlong Park.


  • Kaneshiro (金城, kaneshiro?) means “gold city”; the ‘gold’ part may be referring to his goldfish species.


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