Kikyo is a Kuja warrior from Amazon Lily.


Kikyo is a slim normal-sized Kuja woman with tan skin and long black hair arranged in a ponytail.

Like all Kuja, she wears revealing clothes and carries a snake weapon. She also wears a white cape.


She seems to be one of the toughest and most mature of the Kuja. Kikyo discouraged Luffy’s presence on the island, especially after seeing the return of Boa Hancock. Of the Kuja at the party after the arena fight, she is the only one not amused at Luffy’s antics. She also shouts at the Kuja who put sticks in their mouths and noses during Luffy’s departure from the island with Hancock.

Although she acts as a harsh leader, she does have deep compassion for her fellow Kuja members.

Abilities and Powers


Further information: Haki

Like all Kuja, Kikyo is able to utilize Haki. She can channel Busoshoku Haki into her arrows, increasing their toughness and improving her attacks. Kikyo was also strong enough to withstand Luffy’s Haoushoku Haki without fainting.


Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

On Amazon Lily, Kikyo watched as Marguerite and Sweet Pea removed the Body Mushrooms from Monkey D. Luffy’s body. A large group of Kuja gathered at the river to watch Luffy’s body getting washed. When Elder Nyon revealed that Luffy is a man, all the Kuja including Kikyo were shocked, and Luffy was imprisoned.

When Luffy later awoke, a group of Kuja gathered around his cell and began observing him. His arm stretches when he steals back his straw hat from Sweet Pea. Kikyo was unpetrubed by this, while most of the group fell back in shock. After Luffy angrily shouted at Marguerite for adding frills to his clothes, Kikyo and the other Kuja prepared to attack with their snake bows and arrows. Regardless of Luffy’s apology, Kikyo insisted that he must be eliminated, and pointed out that Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra would be punished if Boa Hancock found out about a man on the island. The Kuja unleashed their arrows, but Luffy managed to escape through the roof. As he escaped, Luffy grabbed Marguerite and then headed to the forest. Soon after, the Perfume Yuda was spotted nearing the island, so Kikyo lead a group of Kuja to eliminate Luffy and rescue Marguerite.

Kikyo and the others later caught up with Luffy and Marguerite, but Luffy escaped again. Marguerite mentioned that he was looking for a ship, so they quickly headed back to the city. By the time they returned, Luffy had already been captured.

At the arena, Kikyo watched Luffy getting interrogated by Boa Hancock. She became worried when Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra took the blame for Luffy’s presence and were turned to stone by Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi powers. Kikyo then watched as Luffy fought and defeated Bacura. Before he fought the Gorgon Sisters, Boa Marigold and Sandersonia, Luffy the three petrified women, which confused Kikyo.

During the fight, Kikyo panicked when Boa Sandersonia was about to crush Marguerite. Luffy unleashed Haoshoku Haki to save Marguerite, and Kikyo was stunned to see Luffy had such an ability. After Marigold’s fire burned away Sandersonia’s clothes, Luffy covered her back while the spectators were evacuated from the arena. Afterwards, Kikyo was happy to see Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra had been returned to normal.

That night, the Kuja and Luffy had a party. Kikyo was unamused by Luffy’s antics.

The next morning, the Kuja Pirates sailed off with Luffy. Kikyo and the others bid them farewell, and Kikyo yelled at the Kuja who put sticks in their mouths and noses.

Post-War Arc

After Luffy was brought back to Amazon Lily to recover from the Summit War of Marineford, Kikyo and the others discussed his return to the island.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, Kikyo and her fellow Kuja, Aphelandra, Marguerite, and Sweet Pea have a brief interaction with the Heart Pirates and provide them food while the men are treating a wounded Luffy. Kikyo strictly informs her fellow Kuja to not communicate with the pirates.

In the manga, she was not seen as a Kuja Pirate after the timeskip, but she was seen in the crew in the anime.


  • Her name means “Chinese bellflower” in Japanese.


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