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Kirinkodanuki is an animal who lives on the Island of Rare Animals. Like all the animals on the island, he is protected by Gaimon.


Kirinkodanuki is a small, stout creature with yellow fur with giraffe-like spots. He has a round nose at the end of his snout, short horns, and four pads on his paws.

In the anime, Kirinkodanuki has beadier eyes.


Not much of its personality is known, but it appears to be friendly as it is able to form a close bond with Gaimon. It also enjoys parties and dancing.


East Blue Saga

Syrup Village Arc

Kirinkodanuki and a group of other animals accompanied Gaimon to the island’s shore as he waved goodbye to the departing Straw Hats.

Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles

After Buggy crash-landed on the Island of Rare Animals and battled Gaimon, Kirinkodanuki partied and danced with the pair and other animals.

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

Kirinkodanuki was seen watching as the new inhabitant of the island, the barrel-woman Sarfunkel, fed Gaimon some food.

Anime and Manga Differences

In Episode 18, Kirinkodanuki and the other rare animals surrounded the Straw Hat Pirates while Gaimon warned at them to leave the island. Later, Kirinkodanuki and some other animals stood by Gaimon while Nami tended to the man’s wounds.

In Episode 46, Kirinkodanuki and the other animals came out to look at Buggy after the pirate crashed on the island. The animals watched the two fight, and Kirinkodanuki pulled a fruit off a tree and munched on it before giving it to Kabagorilla to eat. As Gaimon declared that he had to protect the animals, Kirinkodanuki and all of the other animals munched on more of the same fruit. While Gaimon realized the Buggy was a pirate, the animals all spat out the fruits’ seeds. Kirinkodanuki’s fruit is accidentally discolored here to match his spots, while the other fruits are purple. The animals partied the same way with Buggy, but Kirinkodanuki and the others were all hungover the next morning when he left. The scene of Buggy’s ship getting destroyed was changed to happen next to the island, and Kirinkodanuki and the others watched as Alvida saved him from the giant crab.


  • Its name is a portmanteau between the words kirin (キリン for giraffe), ko (子 for child), and danuki (タヌキ for tanuki, or raccoon dog). This also corresponds to its appearance as small mammal with giraffe-like spots and horns.


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