Komachiyo is a komainu that resides in the Kuri region of Wano Country. It has been Kurozumi Tama’s best friend since their childhood.


Komachiyo is a very large four-legged creature, being several times bigger than a normal-sized human. As a komainu, it resembles a lion, dog, and pig, with its fur being flame-shaped. It also possesses two relatively short horns on its head.

As a pup, Komachiyo had less hair growth and was much smaller in stature, around the size of Tama.


Komachiyo is a loyal and protective animal, as it fiercely protected Kurozumi Tama from the Beasts Pirates’ raging baboon and carried her as its rider. Another example of this is when Komachiyo chased after Gazelleman to rescue Tama. Komachiyo is also a deep caring animal as shown when he became relieved when Tama was no longer sick.

Komachiyo does not seem to mind people hiding in it as seen when Tsuru hid inside Komachiyo’s tail.



Kurozumi Tama

Komachiyo was a good and loyal pet to Tama as it accompanied her as a pup after her parents died. Komachiyo is also very protective of Tama, as it chased after the Beast Pirates to try and save her. Komachiyo and Tama are very close with each other as shown when Tama begged Ulti to stop kicking Komachiyo.


Komachiyo and Hihimaru at first were enemies when Komachiyo attacked Hihimaru to protect Tama. After Hihimaru ate a dango offered by Tama, they befriended each other.

Abilities and Powers

Because of its large size, Komachiyo can effortlessly act as a steed for multiple riders at once. It primarily uses its mouth for biting attacks or to pick up others.

Komachiyo is strong enough to fight evenly with a very prized baboon held in high reputation by the Beasts Pirates, and was able to injure it. It was able to recover from being sent flying into the Thousand Sunny without taking any noticeable injuries.



Several years ago, Komachiyo lived with Tama’s family when it was still a pup. After Tama was orphaned, Komachiyo continued to follow her despite Tama struggling to afford food for the two of them. It was present when Tama first encountered Tenguyama Hitetsu, who would proceed to take them in under his protection.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

When Tama came under attack by two Beasts Pirates sentries, Komachiyo attacked their baboon guard to protect her. The two animals fought viciously, and Komachiyo was thrown into the Thousand Sunny on the beach. Their fight ended when Tama managed to free herself and tame the baboon, and Komachiyo and Hihimaru took Tama and Monkey D. Luffy to see Tama’s master, Tenguyama Hitetsu. Luffy and Tama later left the house, and Komachiyo offered to carry them. They came to a wasteland, and Luffy stopped Komachiyo after spotting his crewmate Roronoa Zoro.

While Luffy and Zoro battled Basil Hawkins and his men, the woman that Zoro saved earlier, Tsurujo, hid herself in Komachiyo’s tail. The komainu later decided to drag the two Straw Hat Pirates away from the battle. After fleeing from Hawkins, the komainu took Luffy, Tama, Zoro, and Tsuru to Okobore Town.

Komachiyo was happy when Tsuru healed Tama. However, during the confusion when the gifter Batman attacked Tsuru, Tama was abducted by another gifter Gazelleman. Komachiyo then pursued Gazelleman along with Kiku, Luffy, and Zoro and head for Bakura Town. The group traveled through the town until they came across a sumo wrestling tournament. After the headliner Speed arrived with a wagon of food and Luffy rescued Tama from Holed’em’s clutches, Komachiyo grabbed Kiku and began running away with the wagon. With Holed’em defeated, the group fled Bakura Town and grabbed Trafalgar Law along the way. They then brought the food cart to Okobore Town.

As Speed took Tama back to her home, Komachiyo took Luffy’s group to the ruins of Kozuki Oden’s castle. Komachiyo then sat outside as Kin’emon told Luffy’s group about Wano’s past. The group present at Oden Castle was alarmed to see Kaidou’s sudden arrival at Kuri. After Luffy rushed off with Law following him and Kin’emon and Kiku left to rescue Tsuru, the rest tried to escape as Kaidou approached the castle and destroyed it with a breath attack. Komachiyo and the other males in the group were saved by the kunoichi Shinobu’s jutsu which sunk them into the ground.

Komachiyo later returned to Tama’s home, where Tama had her injuries treated after she was attacked by Kaidou. Komachiyo remained in the village after Tama, Kiku, Kozuki Momonosuke, and Tony Tony Chopper left the village to go for a walk to Kuri Beach. The komainu listened as Hitetsu spoke to them through a Smart Tanishi.

On the day before the raid on Onigashima, Komachiyo watched as Momonosuke and his group left Amigasa Village.

During the Fire Festival, Komachiyo went to Onigashima with Tama and Hihimaru and arrived just in time to rescue Nami and Usopp from Ulti and Page One. Tama and Komachiyo then fled with the two Straw Hats while Hihimaru stayed behind to stall the two Tobiroppo.

As Komachiyo was heading to the Live Stage, Page One grabbed on to Komachiyo’s back but Nami and Usopp knocked him off Komachiyo’s back. But then, Komachiyo stopped running when they encountered Big Mom. After a while, Page One chased after them again and just when Komachiyo was about to get chomped by Page One, Big Mom punched Page One. As Ulti and Big mom argued, Komachiyo took the opportunity to flee, but Ulti caught up and headbutts Komachiyo. She then proceeded to repeatedly kick Komachiyo unconscious.

Hamlet later carried the unconscious Komachiyo away from the fires, and after the raid on Onigashima had ended, Komachiyo would take part in the celebration of Wano, carrying Tama on his back.


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