Koze and Packy

Koze and Packy

Koze and Packy were members of the Yes Pirates.


Koze is the thin and tall man with short purple hair, a wide mouth and his tongue sticking out. He wore an A-shirt with various colored fruit-patterns on it, light-colored pants with a pirate sash, a gauntlet on his right forearm, and normal shoes.

Packy is the bulky and muscular man with brown hair tied in braided pigtails. He wore a sleeveless brown shirt with blue pattern on the edges, light colored pants with a pirate sash, and normal shoes.


Koze and Packy are very cocky and unintelligent, as they tried to defeat Tashigi and avenge their captain, Billy, and were easily defeated. They also had dreams of entering the Grand Line.

Abilities and Powers

Both Koze and Packy are swordsmen, but their skills seem to be below average, as Tashigi easily defeated them.



Before becoming a pirate, Packy came from Loguetown. It is unknown which island Koze came from, but he is from the East Blue.

East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

They tried to get their revenge on Tashigi for their captain being captured by Smoker, ruining their dreams of entering the Grand Line. Tashigi managed to beat them very easily and their fate afterward is unknown.


  • Packy’s hometown is Loguetown, but Koze’s hometown is unknown.


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