Kujaku is a Marine Rear Admiral stationed at Marine Base G-14 and also a member of SWORD. She is the granddaughter of Marine Vice Admiral Tsuru.

Kujaku was first introduced during the “Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family Cover Page Serial as a brief antagonist. She made her proper debut in the main series during the Egghead Arc.


Kujaku is a shapely young woman with long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and prominent lips. She wears a strapless pink dress with red blotch-like patterns on it, a Marine coat draped over her shoulders and a pink cloche hat decorated with a seagull-flower accessory on the left side and an “M” on the front.


Kujaku is a domineering woman who often employs flirtatious, yet abusive language, not shying away to use it on her fellow co-Marines or even superiors.

Abilities and Powers

As a Marine rear admiral, Kujaku has authority over lower-ranking subordinates. She is also part of the Marine squadron SWORD, meaning she has the freedom to disregard orders from her superiors and move and act as she pleases.

Devil Fruit

Further information: Muchi Muchi no Mi

Kujaku ate the Muchi Muchi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to use whips to command anything she lashes, including objects.


Main article: Beethoven

Kujaku wields a steel whip that she uses in conjunction with her Devil Fruit powers.


Wano Country Saga

Gang Bege’s “Oh My Family”

While the Levely was ongoing, Kujaku and Prince Grus patrolled through Dressrosa, where they managed to locate and arrest Charlotte Lola, mistaking her for her elder twin sister, Chiffon, a member of the Fire Tank Pirates.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Kujaku was present at G-14 with Prince Grus when they were approached by fellow SWORD members Helmeppo and Hibari regarding the abduction of Koby.

Later, Kujaku joined Garp’s operation to rescue Koby from Hachinosu. After landing on the island, she forced the buildings to clear out a large area, encircling the pirates and making way for Garp to attack from above. She later observed Koby approaching the battleship alongside Prince Grus, commenting on Garp’s attack’s impact on the town as well as on Prince Grus’s ambitions to sabotage Koby and was later shocked when Kuzan froze Hibari.

During the battle with the Blackbeard pirates, Kujaku requested Garp via Den Den Mushi for the sitrep while boarding on the Marine ship. She also informed him that all of the captured citizens and injured Marines have all set out, so they can leave whenever. Hibari, who was defrosted, asked about Koby and apologized for being a nuisance. Kujaku reassured Hibari that Koby and the others will come back while expressing relief of her welfare as she comforted Hibari, who ended up feeling emotional. At the same time Avalo Pizarro attempted to use his devil fruit ability to destroy the marine ship the fellow marines and Kujaku were onboard of to her horror. While she initially gave the order to abandon ship Koby managed to land a powerful blow on pizarro defeating him before he could reach the ship. As Koby boarded the ship Garp relayed to Kujaku and the other marines onboard to sail off without him now that Koby was rescued while he stayed behind as he was surrounded by the Blackbeard pirates and was frozen again by Kuzan.

Major Battles

  • Monkey D. Garp, Tashigi and SWORD vs. Blackbeard Pirates


  • Kujaku (孔雀?) means “peacock” in Japanese, continuing the bird theme present in the name of her grandmother and other female characters.


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