Kumae was a bear introduced in SBS Volume 66. It was shown to be Perona’s pet when she was young.


Kumae is a bear about the size of a human child. It wears a spiked collar with a name tag at the bottom and a striped hat.


Kumae seemed obedient towards Perona, as he followed her around on his leash.


Kumae was a bear that was a part of Perona’s childhood. It is unknown what became of it.


  • Kumaē is also the pronunciation of “Kuma A”, which is supported by the fact that Kuma and ē are written in hiragana and katakana, respectively, rather than in the same script. This appears to be a pun on Kumashi’s name, which can similarly be written as “Kuma C”. Perona was also seen with a bear doll at the time she met Hogback that may have served as “Kuma B”, although its name is unknown.


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