Kunyun is a member of the Numbers in the Beasts Pirates, representing the number “nine”.

Due to her actions and role, she is a minor antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.


Kunyun is a relatively human-looking woman with a slender figure, but is taller than an average giant. She has hair down to her waist, a pair of horns and mostly straight teeth with snake-like fangs. She wears a helmet and goggles on her head, a scarf around her neck, a dark bikini, gloves and elbow guards. The left side of her bikini top has the daiji 玖 (“nine”). She also appears to have the daiji tattooed on her left arm.


Like the other Numbers, Kunyun has a unique laughter style that plays off her name and the number nine: Kunyunyu Kunyu (くにゅにゅくにゅ?).

Abilities and Powers

As one of the Numbers, Kunyun possesses enormous size and power.



Over 20 years ago, Kunyun was a subject in an experiment on Punk Hazard that attempted to recreate the ancient giants. The experiment was a failure, but Kunyun and her fellow test subjects were recruited by Kaidou. They began residing on Onigashima and joined Kaidou’s crew, the Beasts Pirates, as a group called the Numbers.

Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Five days before the Fire Festival, the Numbers arrived in Hakumai via Mogura Port and headed toward Onigashima with Scratchmen Apoo.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Kunyun and the Numbers took part in the Beasts Pirates’ Golden Kagura festivities. During the raid on Onigashima, Kunyun, Nure-Onna, and Tenjo-Sagari confronted Nico Robin and Brook. Due to the illusion mist created by Black Maria, Kunyun appeared to Robin in the form of Jaguar D. Saul. Robin pretended to be fooled by the illusion, but attacked Kunyun and her cohorts with Tres Mano: Freesia when they were off-guard. Kunyun then chased Robin and Brook alongside a group of Gifters, as Brook prepared to confront them. After Brook made a wall of ice between them and Maria, Kunyun heard screams from the other side and, peeking through the small gap in the wall, was horrified to see Black Maria defeated with the demonic-looking Robin standing over her. Brook took the opportunity to finish off Kunyun and Black Maria’s other subordinates, with Phrase d’armes: Orchestra.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Kunyun responds to Queen’s roll call with Hatcha and Goki. In the anime, she is replaced with Juki, likely because her nature beyond her laugh had not been revealed in the manga at the time.


  • Kunyun’s name combines the kanji ku (?), meaning “nine”, and nin (?), meaning “endurance; patience”, which is used in the word “ninja” (忍者?).
  • Kunyun is the only female member of the Numbers.


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