Kurokoma was a yakuza of the Flower Capital in Wano Country. Forty-one years before the present day, he was the head of his family.


Kurokoma was not shown in the manga. In concept sketches, he is depicted as a man with a long pointed noise and spiky dark hair which is gathered into a large topknot. He possesses a scar on the right side of his face running from his eye to his cheek, and carries a cigar.


Kurokoma is a rather ambitious man who sought to take over the other yakuza.


At a certain point in time, Kurokoma devoloped an ambition to take down Hyogoro, and planned to use the cub of the Mountain God to lure the beast to fulfill this plan. In order to do so, he issued a bounty for a white boar.

Early Concepts

Road To Laugh Tale showed concept art of a deleted scene which showed Kurokoma in person and fleshed out his personality and motivations. In the concept art, he is given the full name Kurokoma Kihei (黒駒きへい?), and is described as “kyōkaku (侠客?) of the Capital” and “self-proclaimed rival of Hyogoro”. The scene shows his subordinates bringing a captured Tsurujo to him to be held hostage and force Kin’emon and Denjiro to give back the Mountain God cub. Kurokoma then reveals his intention of luring its parent to attack Hyogoro, which in the actual manga was only a deduction by Denjiro. In the final manga, Kurokoma’s subordinates and Tsurujo are eaten by the Mountain God before reaching the Flower Capital and Kurokoma.


  • His name means “black (chess) piece”.


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