Laskey is a former CP9 agent and is Kalifa’s father.


Laskey is a tall man standing around a foot and a half shorter than Spandine who himself is 9 feet. Generally, he looks somewhat similar to Kalifa, which is what led to people correctly suspecting them to be father and daughter. He has flowing gray hair with an antenna jutting out the front, and a small goatee of the same color. Like his daughter, he has a serious and sharp looking face, wears thin-rimmed red sunglasses and blue earrings. He also wears a black suit, like all other World Government agents, a light blue shirt underneath with a matching handkerchief and black gloves.


He seemed to be loyal to the World Government, as he helped Spandine at Ohara. It is unknown what his relationship with Kalifa is like.

Abilities and Powers

Laskey has been trained since birth to be a killer.


Further information: Rokushiki

As a CP9 agent, Laskey has training in the superhuman techniques, Rokushiki. His level of mastery and doriki are unknown.


Ohara Incident

Twenty years before the start of the series, Laskey was shown alongside with the then-CP9 chief, Spandine, entering Ohara in the West Blue under the orders of the World Government. They were attempting to stop the scholars in Ohara from illegally studying the Poneglyphs, and warranted an investigation. However, this was merely an excuse to launch a Buster Call against the entire island.

On the island, when Nico Olvia shot Spandine’s jacket sleeve, he was seen telling his leader that it did not pierce his body. After capturing the archeologists, Spandine then activated the Golden Den Den Mushi, and the Marine battleships immediately begun to attack. As the Buster Call’s intensity increased, and the attack happened sooner than the CP9 expected, their chances of escape were drastically reduced. He has not appeared since then and it is unknown what happened to him after the Ohara Incident.


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