For the One Piece novel HEROINES character, see Mari (Non-Canon).

Mari is the king of Chaco Kingdom (チャコ王国, Chako Ōkoku?) and one of fifty monarchs who took part in the Levely.


Mari is a middle-aged man with a large, triangular nose, prominent lips and a full beard. He appears to be balding, with hair only present at the sides of his head coupled with a pronounced forehead, although the anime gives him a head full of hair.

He wears a turban over his head, with his crown resting atop it, plus royal robes and some jewelry around his neck.


Not much is known about Mari’s personality yet.

Abilities and Powers

Mari is the king of a nation affiliated with the World Government and one of the few allowed to attend the Levely, which grants him some authority over matters concerning the world.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

Mari was first seen in the Pangaea Castle’s Socializing Plaza, having a meal.

Mari later attended the beginning meeting of the Levely.


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