Massui is a Waiter in the Beasts Pirates.


Massui is a muscular man with tan skin and a square jaw. He has a scar on the right side of his neck. Massui wears a dark blue cape with a brown fur collar, blue pants, and a brown belt with a gold and green buckle. He also wears a mask with bat ears on it, as he is not yet a Gifter.


Massui has the desire of becoming a Gifter someday, which is why he wears a bat ear mask since he wants to get used to the look of a SMILE user.

Massui is as cruel as his crewmates, wanting to capture Luffy and make him a slave. He also looks down on comrades who cannot complete tasks quickly and commented that his bodyguard Hihimaru’s reputation had sunk for not finishing off one Komainu.

Abilities and Powers


Massui uses a tranquilizer rifle with a scope to line up his shots. He was skilled enough to perfectly aim at Luffy’s head while riding on a moving Madsaurus, but he was not fast enough to defeat the pirate.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Massui and another Waiter captured Tama and put her in a bag after she had mentioned the Kozuki Family to them. The two followed their baboon who was chasing down Komachiyo. When they reached Kuri Beach, they noticed a the Thousand Sunny, so Massui reported to Basil Hawkins that a ship had illegally entered the country with one passenger. He aimed his rifle to snipe Monkey D. Luffy, but Luffy had already sensed him and punched Massui from afar, knocking him out. He laid unconscious on the beach while Luffy and Tama defeated the other Waiter and tamed Hihimaru.

Major Battles

  • Massui and another Waiter vs. Monkey D. Luffy and Tama


  • His name is a pun on masui-jū (麻酔銃), meaning “tranquilizer gun”, which is a reference to his preferred weapon.


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