The Master is a digger who works in an unnamed island in the Grand Line.


The Master is an average-sized man with thick eyebrows, a stubble and prominent lips. His hair is short and curls inwards at the ends.

He wears typical excavation attire, including a pickaxe and safety helmet with his rank on it.


The Master is dedicated to his digging job, finding it a rewarding experience. He is a bit dim-witted, mistaking Buggy, Mohji, and Cabaji for new mining recruits.

Abilities and Powers

The Master appears to be the boss of his tunneling group, meaning he has authority over his co-workers.


Sky Island Saga

Jaya Arc

The Master made his appearance while the Buggy Pirates searched for Captain John’s treasure in an unnamed island in the Grand Line. He thought Buggy and his crew were new recruits, making them work alongside his tunnel-digging crew. Buggy humorously accepted the job briefly, only to later realize his blunder and angrily attack the diggers.


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