The Mecha-Shark is a cyborg shark created by Vegapunk alongside the Sea Beast Weapons.


The Mecha-Shark is a massive, metallic shark, with jaws large enough to eat entire ships in one bite. It has round eyes, a pointed snout, and large, pointed teeth. Like a normal shark, its bottom side is a lighter color than its dark top half. Its fins are attached to its body with hinges and are marked with the number “03.” It has the word “VEGAPUNK” branded on the side of its abdomen, and a star-shaped symbol on its tail.


While Vegapunk tried to program the Mecha-Shark to scout, report, and fire at pirate vessels, its primal desires to eat the ships instead overtook it. The Mecha-Shark is vicious and greedy, as it ate Jewelry Bonney’s ship and tried to eat the Thousand Sunny as well, grinning with its tongue out before it had the chance to consume it.

Abilities and Powers

Due to its size, the Mecha-Shark is able to eat entire pirate ships with its large mouth and sharp teeth. It is equipped with radar that it uses underwater to target ships. It also has a cannon inside its mouth that can shoot homing missiles and cannonballs. Despite this, the Mecha-Shark was no match for Vegapunk’s larger robot, which defeated it in one punch.



Vegapunk modified the Mecha-Shark and tried to program it to override primal instincts, which proved unsuccessful.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

At some point before the Straw Hat Pirates approached Egghead, the Mecha-Shark ate Jewelry Bonney’s ship, although the pirate was able to escape by somehow getting stuck inside a warm eddy in the process. As the Straw Hat Pirates struggled with Egghead’s waters, the Mecha-Shark swam below them in an attempt to ambush and eat them. The crew evaded the attack and the Mecha-Shark pursued them, firing missiles at the Thousand Sunny and capsizing it. It then fired cannonballs at Jinbe, Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper, and Jewelry Bonney, who were separated from the other crew. The attack missed, and the Mecha-Shark returned its attention to the Thousand Sunny. Before it could eat the ship, Lilith in Vegaforce-01 arrived and punched the Mecha-Shark, stopping it from devouring the pirates and their ship.


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