Misery is a homie created by Big Mom as an attack during the Raid on Onigashima. She is formed from the Maser Saber combination of Prometheus, Hera, and Napoleon.


Misery takes the form of a giant phantom-like woman composed of flames and lightning. She has long, flowing hair, a pointy nose, and sharp nails. Lightning forms bracelet-like circles around her wrists and the bottom half of her body is one long tail without legs.


Misery is loyal to Big Mom and gleefully burns down her enemies.

Abilities and Powers

Misery’s size and power allows her to easily crush buildings. She is able to use both fire and lightning in her attacks and can quickly move around by flying.


Wano Country Arc

Big Mom formed Misery from the Maser Saber—a combined attack from her special homies Prometheus, Hera, and Napoleon. Misery immediately attacked Eustass Kid by slamming the ground with her hand, and then pursued the nearby samurai and pirates. When Trafalgar Law collapsed after using Puncture Wille, Big Mom ordered Misery to kill him.

While Kid and Law were making their final attacks against Big Mom, Misery attempted to save her, but Law vertically cut her in half.


  • The kanji in her name (三千里) literally means “3000 Leagues”. This is a reference to the Japanese anime series 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. The standard reading of 三千里 is sanzenri, but Misery’s name uses alternate readings to form Mizarī.
    • The anime’s name coupled with Misery’s general appearance may be a reference to Mother Carmel, whose fate Big Mom still wonders about to this day.
  • In the anime, her voice is a combination of those of Hera, Napoleon and Prometheus, fitting because she was created from their Maser Saber combination.


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