For the Devil Fruit, see Mochi Mochi no Mi.

Mochi is a Skypiean on Angel Island and Moyle’s son.


Apart from an average Skypiean appearance – two antennae and a set of wings – Mochi is a small boy with puffy brown hair. He wears a green tunic with pink hearts down his left side, along with a brown belt.


He is an eager and positive thinker: despite never meeting his father, he couldn’t wait to meet him as he knew he was working directly under God.


Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

Mochi was first seen talking with his friends outside Conis’s house about how evil she is for rebelling against God, and for helping the pirates of the East Blue. They then talk about their fathers, and how they work for God. Mochi says he can not wait to meet his father, despite never seeing his face, and his friends also say they want to meet him.


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