Moyle is a Skypiean and the father of Mochi. He originally worked for Gan Fall in the Divine Squad, but after Enel took over, he and the other members were forced to work in God’s Army until they were betrayed and almost killed.


Moyle is an average-sized man with brown hair, which is styled into a single antenna, and has a pair of wings just like all of the Skypieans. He wears a white robe and sandals.


Moyle has a very kind and friendly nature as he trusted his leader, Gan Fall. After Gan Fall was defeated by Enel, Moyle was forced to work for Enel, who he did not trust but had to follow due to fear of the “God’s” wrath. He also seems to get along well with fellow Skypieans.

Abilities and Powers

When defending Gan Fall’s title, Moyle was seen carrying a staff. It is unknown how skilled he is in using it.


Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

Moyle was a member of the Divine Squad and, when Enel invaded the island, tried to defend his leader’s title. After their loss, he was torn away from his family and forced by Enel into his army as a prisoner to build the ark Maxim for six years. After its completion, he was betrayed by being left close to death until Conis and Pagaya found him. After finding him, he told them about Enel’s plan, which was to reset everything by making Skypiea fall back into the Blue Sea and wiping out all citizens then leaving on his Ark Maxim. He was then struck by a bolt of lighting. What happened to him after this is unknown. His son, Mochi, later talked about how he wanted to see his father since they never met but was proud of him for working with the god, who he thought was good.


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