Mr. 11

Mr. 11

Mr. 11 was a Frontier Agent for Baroque Works and the partner of Miss Thursday.


Mr. 11 is a short man, with long wavy gray hair. He has tattoos of his number on each side of his face, and a large black top hat. He wears a dark blue coat with a gray collar and yellow buttons. Underneath, he sports a purple puffy shirt and black pants.


Mr. 11 unwittingly gave out information about Baroque Works, so it seems he cannot keep a secret very well. He also seems to be quite easy to trick, as shown as how Smoker tricked him into revealing Baroque Work’s secret (such as making him believe they found a particular letter in his pocket, which they never found). He also mistook a group of Billions agents for Millions agents, showing he does not know much about the lower members of his organization, or the members on his level for that matter.

Abilities and Powers

Mr. 11 was not seen fighting, but, as a Frontier Agent, he must be somewhat proficient in fighting and bounty hunting.


Since Mr. 11 had a sword, it is likely he was decent swordfighter, though not on par with Tashigi.


At some point, Mr. 11 somehow came into the possession of Kashu, which was one of the Meito, but lost it in his duel with Tashigi.


Arabasta Saga

Little Garden Arc

Mr. 11 was captured by Captain Smoker in Renaisse and tied to the mast of Smoker’s ship. During interrogation, Mr. 11 denied knowing Mr. 0 and being in a criminal organization, but Smoker tricked him into revealing some information about the organization.

Arabasta Arc

While docked at Nanohana, the Marines went ashore in pursuit of Monkey D. Luffy and left Mr. 11 tied up on the ship alone. He attempted to free himself, when a trio of Billions agents boarded the ship. Mistaking them for Millions, Mr. 11 ordered them to untie him. The Billions then revealed their rank and were hence the same level as him. Mr. 11 then apologized, but Mr. Mellow instead shot him, intending to take his position in the organization. Tashigi later confirmed Mr. 11’s death.


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