Mr. Momora

Mr. Momora

Mr. Momora was a member of the Roger Pirates until the crew’s dissolution. His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Mr. Momora is a very tall, thin man with long, bushy, light-colored hair. He has a pointed nose, a pointed chin, thin eyebrows, and prominent lower eyelashes. He wears a short-sleeved, dark-colored shirt, light-colored pants, and a belt. He is always seen wearing a large, dark-colored hat with a long bill and a light-colored marking on the front.


Mr. Momora is a kind-hearted person, happily exchanging goods with the Whitebeard Pirates and laughing at his crewmates goofing off at a hot spring. He was sad when the crew dropped Kozuki Oden off at Wano Country.

Abilities and Powers


In his concept art, Mr. Momora wields a short sword in his right hand. In the manga, he has only been seen with it in its sheath.



On an island, the Roger Pirates defeated a battalion of Marines when they spotted the Whitebeard Pirates approaching them. After the two crews battled each other for four days, Mr. Momora participated in a gift exchange, holding open a large back to accept gifts in. Shortly after, the Roger Pirates took the Knock Up Stream to Skypiea, and Mr. Momora witnessed the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell.

During their journey to Fish-Man Island, Mr. Momora accompanied his captain and other crew members when Neptune showed them the Poneglyphs in the Sea Forest. He also partied with his crew at a hot spring. Mr. Momora was in ship’s cabin with Ganryu when Crocus told Buggy that he was too ill to join them at the final island. Mr. Momora laughed with his crew when they saw the treasure left behind by Joy Boy.

Mr. Momora was present when Roger announced that he would disband the crew. After they dropped off Roger, Mr. Momora cried when they returned Kozuki Oden to Wano Country. After the Roger Pirates disbanded, it is unknown what became of Mr. Momora.


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