Nefertari D. Lili

Nefertari D. Lili

Nefertari D. Lili was the queen of the Arabasta Kingdom during the time of the Void Century, being one of the twenty monarchs credited with the founding of the World Government. Unlike the other nineteen monarchs, Lili chose not to become a World Noble and move to Mary Geoise, but before she could return to her home country, she mysteriously vanished. Aside from that, little is known about her except that she had a younger brother who succeeded her as ruler of Arabasta.

Lili is the earliest known carrier of the Will of D., being supposedly the main individual responsible for the presence of the poneglyphs around the world. For this reason, her actions could be considered a major driving force of the overall plot of the series.


Based on her silhouette, Lili looked very similar to her descendant Vivi in appearance. She wore a dress, a cape and a royal crown on her head.


Little is known of her personality, but she seemingly chose her own country over the right to rule the entire world.

Abilities and Powers

As the queen regnant of Arabasta Kingdom, Lili had authority over the country’s military forces and citizens. She was also part of the extremely influential First Twenty who founded the World Government, and had the opportunity to rule over the world with the other nineteen families, though she ultimately rejected this offer.



Lili was the representative of the Arabasta Kingdom that took part in the creation of the World Government around 800 years ago. As such, she took part in the conflict against the Great Kingdom alongside nineteen other nations, which resulted in her side’s victory.

However, after the establishment of the World Government proper, Lili chose not to move her family to Mary Geoise, having not placed a symbolic weapon around the Empty Throne, and attempted to return to her homeland. It was allegedly the belief of the World Government that Queen Lili went back to her country in safety, but as King Cobra found out, she never returned home. With Lili missing, her younger brother took over as Arabasta’s ruler in her stead.

According to Imu, Lili’s actions led to the Poneglyphs to be spread across the world, which became the worst possible outcome for the World Government. They wondered whether it was a genuine mistake on Lili’s behalf, or that it was part of a greater plan.


The Poneglyphs must be protected. Bear the flag of the dawn against […]-ing world. — Nefertari D. Lili
— Lili’s letter.

In spite of her historical importance, for some reason, Lili did not show up in any Arabastan records post-Void Century. Her existence, however, was verified by a letter of her authorship that has been passed down among generations within the Nefertari Family. In the letter, Lili encouraged protecting the Poneglyphs and bearing the flag of dawn against the world, signing as “Nefertari D. Lili”.


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