Nefertari Titi

Nefertari Titi

Nefertari Titi was the queen of Arabasta, Nefertari Cobra’s wife, and Nefertari Vivi’s mother.


Twenty-four years before the start of the series, Titi bore a striking resemblance to her daughter’s current appearance; they both have flowing blue hair (though Vivi ties hers in a ponytail at times), slender bodies, and dark eyes. In fact, Vivi is supposedly the spitting image of her mother, so much so that when she was dressed up for her coming of age ceremony, Cobra almost mistook Vivi for her late mother.

Titi was shown to be wearing a purple shirt, a white robe with a pink border over it, a golden neckband, and a gold bracelet.

In a photograph taken sometime after Vivi’s birth, Titi had her hair tied in a bun. She also wore earrings and normal regal attire.

Abilities and Powers

As queen of Arabasta, Titi possessed authority over the entire kingdom.



Twenty four years ago, Titi was seen alive, six years before Vivi was born, with Igaram and Cobra as they discussed the dangerous era they were entering.

She died at some point when her daughter Vivi was very young.[citation needed]


  • Her name is similar to that of an Egyptian queen from the 20th dynasty (usually spelled “Tyti”). It also makes up the last part of the famous Queen Nefertiti’s name.


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