For the non-canon Donquixote Pirates member, see Nerine (Non-Canon).

Nerine is a member of the Kuja from Amazon Lily.


Nerine is a brown haired, wide headed lady who dresses in purple skimpy clothes.

She is often seen with her notebook and pen with which she takes memos with.

In the opening “Share the World” she originally had blonde hair, was fairly tall, and her clothes were a different color.


Nerine is a memo-freak, as she has a habit of noting down anything that might be interesting.

She, like most of the Kuja islanders, have no knowledge of what men are. Because of this, she, like them, was not easily embarrassed when Luffy was naked and believes all his attributes are common among all men, including the ones given by his Devil Fruit powers.

She also shows an enterprising side when she offered other Kuja the chance to touch Luffy for 20 Gor a touch (without his permission).

Abilities and Powers

Further information: Haki

Nerine is a strong Kuja warrior capable of channeling her Haki into her arrows and making them explode.


Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

Nerine was first seen among the curious Kujas watching Luffy while he was behind bars. She witnessed Luffy using his stretching capabilities and wrote that into her notebook. When Luffy snapped because he received clothes with frills, Nerine attacked Luffy with the other Kujas, but Luffy managed to elude them.

She is then seen at the arena watching Luffy’s battle with the Gorgon Sisters, but then evacuated while Luffy was covering Sandersonia’s back. She showed great joy in seeing Marguerite, Sweet Pea, Aphelandra de-petrified.

At the party, she charged the Kujas for having a chance to touch Luffy. When Luffy leaves Amazon Lily to go save his brother, Nerine is there to bid Luffy farewell while putting sticks in her nose and mouth.

Post-War Arc

She is seen again expressing joy that Luffy has returned. She also states that she wants to pull on Luffy again.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Nerine was not seen as a Kuja Pirate after the timeskip, but she was seen with the crew in the anime.


  • Her name comes from the flower, nerine.


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