Nerona Imu

Nerona Imu

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For the secret occupant of the Empty Throne from the World Government, see Imu.

Saint Imu of the Nerona Family was one of the twenty kings who founded the World Government after the Void Century 800 years ago. They have been theorized by Emporio Ivankov to be Imu: the current shadow occupant of the Empty Throne, having prolonged their life to this day presumably through the usage of the Ope Ope no Mi, adding that only one of the twenty founders could command the Five Elders.

Abilities and Powers

Being one of the twenty founders of the World Government, Imu ruled the world alongside the rest of the royal families’ heads 800 years ago.


St. Imu of the Nerona Family was one of the First Twenty monarchs who eventually founded what today is known as the World Government.


On Mary Geoise, Imu shows themself whilst king Nefertari Cobra was still present, causing the Five Elders to shout their name. Confused, Cobra wondered aloud if the person before him was related to ‘Imu’ from the First Twenty, but they refused to answer.

On Momoiro Island, after Sabo had finished explaining to Dragon and Ivankov what had occurred during the latest Levely, Ivankov theorized that the mysterious Imu who seems to rule the World Government in secret is Nerona Imu, who could have been given eternal life. Ivankov noted that he could imagine no one else but one of the First Twenty to hold the power to outright order around the Five Elders, who are publicly the powerful World Government’s heads as the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons there are.


  • The book Ivankov uses to identify the possible connection between Imu and Saint Imu is titled “Genesis”, likely a reference to the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament, which details the creation of the universe.
  • The last name Nerona may be in reference to Nero’s Torches (Polish: Pochodnie Nerona), a painting which depicts a group of early Christian martyrs who are about to be burned alive as the alleged perpetrators of the Great Fire of Rome, during the reign of Emperor Nero in 64 AD. This would fit the biblical theme of their name.


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