Nokotti is a Waiter of the Beasts Pirates who serves as a guard in the Prisoner Mine of the Udon region. She acted as the gyōji during the Sumo Inferno held by Queen.


Nokotti is a slender woman with red lipstick and long blond hair that covers her right eye. She wears a leather bucket hat, a leather bikini top, purple belted jeans and red high-heels.


Little is known about Nokotti’s personality, but she takes her role as a gyōji seriously.

Abilities and Powers

Nokotti’s authority as a prison guard allows her to punish prisoners for talking back to her with amputation or death.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Nokotti acted as the referee for the Prisoner Mine’s Sumo Inferno event held by Queen. At the beginning of the bout, she gave the participants the signal to start.


  • Her name is likely derived from nokotta (のこった) meaning “you’re still in”, a gyōji shout she uses at the beginning of the bout.


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