Nyasha is a giant cat owned by the Vinsmoke Family that pulls their royal carriage.


Nyasha is very large, standing at about twice the height of most Germa 66 soldiers when on all fours. It has cream colored fur. It wears a version of the Germa 66 Clone Soldiers uniforms, consisting of a white buttoned outfit, a yellow scarf, a white mask with the number “66” on the forehead, and black and orange headphones similar to those worn by human Germa 66 troops. However, due to its anatomy, its ears are uncovered and its headphones are on the side of its head.

In the anime, it has a black “66” tattooed on its side.


Not much is known about Nyasha’s personality, but it appears to be loyal to its masters in the Vinsmoke Family and will follow their orders.

In the anime, it seems to enjoy Whole Cake Island’s Mizuame.

Abilities and Powers

Nyasha is able to pull a large carriage containing seven people without tiring due to its size.


Whole Cake Island Arc

When the Vinsmoke Family headed out to Sweet City to meet with Big Mom, Nyasha was brought out and carried them to their destination. When Luffy came to Nyasha in the outskirts of Sweet City, it was ordered to stop while Sanji dealt with Luffy. Afterwards, it took the Vinsmokes into Sweet City and passed through a massive army heading out of the city. The Vinsmokes then came to the Whole Cake Chateau and disembarked from Nyasha. What happened to it afterwards is unknown.


  • The Vinsmokes riding a carriage pulled by a giant cat is similar to how the Norse goddess Freyja rides a chariot pulled by two large cats.


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