The subject of this article is sometimes called “Wang Zhi”.

Ochoku is a former member of the Rocks Pirates and one of the participants of the Rocky Port Incident. They were also the previous ruler of Hachinosu, before Blackbeard took over and became the island’s current ruler.


As a former member of the Rocks Pirates, Ochoku was presumably similar to the rest in that they did not get along with their crewmates.

Abilities and Powers

Ochoku was mentioned by Sengoku as a noteworthy pirate together with Shiki and Captain John. During the Rocky Port Incident, they were able to fight against Blackbeard. According to the Emperor’s own words, he needed some kind of help from Koby in order to defeat Ochoku.



Over 38 years ago, Ochoku was part of the Rocks Pirates. After the God Valley Incident, they went their own separate way and made a name for themself. At some point they became the boss of Hachinosu.

During the Timeskip

Ochoku was involved in the Rocky Port Incident, where they clashed with Blackbeard. With some form of assistance from Koby, Teach was able to defeat Ochoku and become the new ruler of Hachinosu.


  • Ochoku is likely named after a real-life Chinese pirate lord of the 1500s, Wang Zhi (his name being “Ōchoku” in Japanese).


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