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Skybreeder Ohm is one of four priests of the former God Enel and a high-ranking member of God’s Army. Together with his giant dog steed Holy, he subjected God’s enemies to the Ordeal of Iron on Upper Yard. Due to his affiliation and actions, he is a major antagonist in the Skypiea Arc.


Ohm is a bald and muscular man of relatively average height with somewhat tanned skin. As a Birkan, he has a pair of small wings sprouting from his back which extend down to near his waist. He has a small mustache and beard around his mouth, and wears a pair of small sunglasses over his eyes. He also wears a green sleeveless shirt, gray pants with several pockets, a long and flowing white sash around his waist similar to the one worn by his master, and dark leather boots with bandages around the soles.

Eight years ago, he looked the same, except that he wore a polka-dotted shirt instead of a plain one.


Ohm is a stoic and serious man who frequently acts philosophical about human nature. He believes that human nature is to constantly fight one another to achieve happiness, even though such happiness is achieved through peace and humans’ frail bodies are destroyed by these conflicts. This bitter irony makes Ohm mourn, even to the point of shedding tears. His idea for the “salvation” of the human race is to eradicate it, and as a guardian of Upper Yard he spent a great deal of time working to kill anyone he encountered.

Ohm is extremely arrogant about his abilities, being very proud of his Ordeal of Iron’s 0% survival rate. He will speak derisively to people who attempt to challenge him, none moreso than his fellow three priests, and will take any opportunity to boast about his great power. To that end, he has no issue with fully explaining his abilities to his opponents, including how his Ordeal works.

Abilities and Powers

As one of Enel’s four priests, Ohm’s ranking in God’s Army is second to only Enel himself. He, along with the other priests, are stated to be “unimaginably strong” by Pagaya, with their prowess below that of only Enel.

Ohm frequently uses Milky Dials as well as an Eisen Dial, which generate a substance known as “Iron Cloud” that has the toughness and sharpness of iron, but can move freely like normal clouds. With the combination of these Dials and his Mantra, Ohm is extremely powerful in combat and can use his weaponry to take out most opponents with relative ease, including being able to briefly spar equally with Gan Fall and greatly challenge the powerful swordsman Roronoa Zoro in their sparring match.

Ohm is also a “skybreeder” who is extremely proficient in training animals, as evidenced by his giant dog Holy, whom he has trained in hand-to-hand combat to an exceptionally human-like degree. Holy is a powerful fighter and will fight alongside his master on command, substantially increasing Ohm’s threat to opponents.

Ordeal of Iron

Further information: Ordeal of Iron

Ohm controlled the Ordeal of Iron against intruders on Upper Yard. It was by far the most effective of the four priests’ ordeals, having a 0% survival rate until Roronoa Zoro managed to triumph against it and defeat Ohm. Ohm set up pressure plates on the ground that triggered Milky Dials to instantaneously generate barbed wire made out of Iron Clouds, with the sudden growth of this wire resulting in victims being stabbed. Additionally, Ohm could create a giant cage-like structure to trap opponents known as the White-Barbed Iron Deathmatch, and he took part in the Ordeal by attacking with his sword, leaving just about all of his opponents overwhelmed by constant assault.


Main article: Haki

Ohm is a skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki, which is known as “Mantra” on the Sky Islands. He is proficient enough with this Haki to see the presences of everyone on Upper Yard, and could keep track of the statuses of his fellow priests and any intruders. In combat, he can easily find opponents attempting to hide from him as well as predict their next actions, allowing him to dodge their attacks and prevent them from dodging his.


Main article: Eisen Whip

Ohm’s main weapon is the Eisen Whip, a sword whose blade is Iron Cloud generated by an Eisen Dial at the hilt. In addition to taking the form of a typical sword blade, Ohm can freely manipulate the cloud’s shape and increase its length and width as he pleases. This, coupled with his advanced Mantra, gives him the ability to strike opponents a great distance away from him, and since the cloud can change shape almost instantaneously and he can foresee his opponents’ next moves, he can strike opponents so quickly that very few can dodge him. Ohm has transformed his sword blade to resemble other weapons as it suits him, as well as into other tools like a wall. The hardness of the Iron Cloud makes the Eisen Whip extremely powerful in addition to fast and free-forming; it initially overwhelmed the tremendously strong swordsman Zoro, and when he ultimately managed to deflect it, such an action completely stunned Ohm. It also has enough cutting power to easily shatter through a thick stone wall.



Six years before the start of the series, Enel and God’s Army arrived at Skypiea from Birka and took control of Upper Yard, placing Enel in control of Skypiea as its “God”.

Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

When a man illegally set foot on Upper Yard, Ohm and Holy began pursuing him, but to Ohm’s chagrin the other three priests, Shura, Satori, and Gedatsu, joined the pursuit as well. Their chase was interrupted when the Shandia guerrilla Wyper flew in and fired a bazooka blast at them, and as the smoke cleared, Enel pulverized the intruder from afar with a thunderbolt. Following this, the priests used a Water Dial to put out the fire caused by the lightning strike, and Gedatsu revealed that a ship of seven people from the Blue Sea had been reported to be trespassing.

Later, the priests learned that the Blue Sea intruders, the Straw Hat Pirates, had committed a Class 2 offense. They stationed themselves at the sites of their Ordeals on Upper Yard to take on the pirates as they entered the island to be punished. As night began to fall, Ohm sensed with his Mantra that Shura had defeated Gan Fall, but Satori had been defeated by the Straw Hats in his Ordeal. He also noted that the Shandia guerrillas were launching an assault on Upper Yard, and said that they would not live to see the next morning. The three priests charged into battle against the guerrillas, with Ohm and his steed Holy attacking them in unison. While facing off against Wyper, Ohm was confident that the guerrillas would not make it to God’s Shrine, especially once night fell. Wyper made the decision to retreat, and Ohm moved to stop him, but Gedatsu came and told him to cease fighting as Enel had summoned them.

In the dead of night, Ohm, Shura, and Gedatsu arrived at God’s Shrine and began sparring with each other, and Yama berated them for doing so as he arrived, causing the priests to claim that the others were bringing them down. Enel then arrived and quickly overwhelmed the three priests with quick attacks before settling in. He announced that he would be opening Upper Yard for all of his subordinates to roam freely the next day, as the Straw Hats and Shandia would be continuing to invade it and it would be important to deal with them while the Maxim neared completion.

The next morning, Enel’s forces went out to do battle against the invaders, with Ohm and Holy camping out in the Upper Ruins of Shandora on the large beanstalk Giant Jack. After two guerrillas came to the Upper Ruins and were defeated, the next visitor was Tony Tony Chopper of the Straw Hats, whom Ohm knew via his Mantra had already defeated Gedatsu. Ohm moved to kill Chopper, and the reindeer pirate immediately started running as fast as he could. However, Ohm knew where Chopper was by using his Mantra and used his Eisen Whip to strike him down from a great distance away. Wyper then came traveling up Giant Jack to get to God’s Shrine, and Ohm attacked him to stop him. Their confrontation was immediately interrupted by the arrival of Gan Fall, who revealed that Enel had destroyed his shrine and asked Ohm what purpose this was for. Roronoa Zoro then crashed into the Upper Ruins from above, and the giant snake Nola charged in from below, causing a five-fighter standoff.

Ohm rode Holy into battle and the duo focused their attention on Zoro, but also had to fend off attacks from the other parties. Ohm then spotted Zoro running toward Chopper, and revealed how his Ordeal of Iron worked as Zoro encountered the surprise Iron Cloud barbed wire. Ohm used the Eisen Whip’s Iron Cloud to cut Zoro in the chest, and split up with Holy to cover more ground in the battle. When Zoro got distracted by the sudden arrival of other fighters to the Upper Ruins, Ohm took advantage of this to strike him again. Sensing a quickly dwindling number of fighters with his Mantra, Ohm activated the White-Barbed Iron Deathmatch, trapping all the combatants in the Upper Ruins in a cage made out of barbed Iron Cloud. Zoro then got up despite his wounds, and Ohm resumed dueling with him.

While assaulting Zoro with cloud sword strikes, Ohm took the time to take out one of the Shandia, thinning the fighters’ numbers more. Zoro then charged toward Ohm, but the priest turned his sword into an iron wall to stop him. Ohm turned the Eisen Whip into a variety of weapons to strike Zoro, using his Mantra to overwhelm the swordsman and dodge or counter his attacks. Zoro ran behind a giant stone wall, and Ohm encouraged him to pray to God before meeting his end; he then launched his blade through the wall toward Zoro. However, Zoro was unexpectedly able to deflect the blade, and then unleashed a flying slash attack called Hyakuhachi Pound Ho that blew through the crumbling wall and struck Ohm down, defeating him. Soon afterwards, Enel sent a blast of lightning up Giant Jack that demolished the Upper Ruins, causing the unconscious Ohm to fall to the lower Shandora city along with everyone else.

After the conflict ended, Ohm, Satori, and Shura were sentenced by the Shandia to Cloud Drifting.

Major Battles

  • Ohm and Holy vs. Shandia warriors
  • Ohm vs. Tony Tony Chopper
  • Ohm and Holy vs. Roronoa Zoro and Gan Fall vs. Wyper
    • Ohm vs. Zoro

Translation and Dub Issues

As some English texts from Hinduism and Buddhism render Om as Aum, a few fan translations of the character’s name have followed suit. More curiously, the video game Grand Battle! 3—the first “professional” romanization of his name—renders it as Orm.


Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Piece: Going Baseball
  • One Piece: Grand Battle! 3
  • One Piece: Grand Adventure
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise
  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

Enemy Appearances

  • One Piece: Round the Land

Support Appearances

  • One Piece: Burning Blood (as part of the Four Priests)
  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

Non-Playable Appearances

  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival


  • Om (ॐ) is the holiest syllable in many Dharmic religions—particularly Hinduism and Buddhism, where it begins most mantras and other spiritual recitations. Many pop-cultural depictions of Buddhists, even in Western media, depict this syllable being voiced as loudly as possible during meditation.
  • An “ohm” (Ω) is most commonly understood in English as a unit of measuring electrical resistance (named after German physicist Georg Ohm)—ironic, given Ohm’s subordination to the lightning-wielding Enel.
  • Ohm’s favorite food are sky hijiki and simmered soybeans.


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