Oide is a little girl who lives in Sphinx. She is the owner of Tama.


Oide is a little girl with blushy cheeks, brown pigtails and brown eyes. She wears a short, orange long-sleeved dress and a round wool hat with dots on the brim.


Oide is a cheerful girl who loves her pet, Tama.

Due to her young age, Oide does not seem to know about Devil Fruits, since she refers to the effects of Marco’s Tori Tori no Mi as “magic”.


Wano Country Arc

In Sphinx, Oide brought her pet Tama to Marco so it could be treated of injuries it had suffered. After Marco tended to Tama’s wounds, Oide thanked the doctor and they went on their way.


  • Oide’s name comes from the verb “come over” (おいで, oide?).


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