Crone Oli is a pirate captain subordinate to the Red Hair Pirates.


Oli is a slim elderly woman with a wrinkly face and long, curly black hair. She wears a long dark dress with light sleeves, a vertically striped skirt, and a ribbon at the back. On her head she wears a dark cavalier hat with a long plume.


Oli is very attached to Shanks and grateful for the protection his flag grants her crew. However, she is ready to banter with him should he poke fun at her.

Like many other characters, Oli has her own distinct laugh, “Hoahhahhahha” (ホアっはっはっは, Hoahhahhahha?).

Abilities and Powers

Oli and her crew are relatively weak by New World standards, and like other subordinates crews of the Red Hair Pirates relies on the protection of Shanks.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Oli and another subordinate of the Red Hair Pirates hugged Shanks as he was walking to his ship. When Shanks ordered the subordinate ships to move out of the way, Oli bantered with him over the role of the subordinates crews and her age.


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