Not to be confused with Nico Olvia or Olive..

Oliva is the former boss of Port Chibaralta Island, which was part of Whitebeard’s territory. However, he was deposed by Portgas D. Ace due to partaking in the slave trade.


Oliva wore a flashy striped suit showing his rippling muscles and a gorilla costume mask over his face. He also wore thick rings of pure gold on all fingers.

When the mask was taken off, his features looked more like a gorilla’s than a human.


Oliva is an unscrupulous individual, as seen by his participation in the slave trade despite Whitebeard forbidding it.

Abilities and Powers

As boss of Port Chibaralta Island, Oliva had authority over its residents as well as the protection of Whitebeard until Ace stripped him of his position.


One Piece novel A

Oliva was caught dealing in the slave trade, which Whitebeard had forbidden him to do, by Portgas D. Ace, and was forced to surrender.


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