Pandora is a sun homie that was created by Carmel, who placed a portion of her soul into a fire on Elbaf with the power of the Soru Soru no Mi.


Pandora is a mass of compressed flames, taking the form of a very small living sun, being about the size of Carmel’s head, though it can fluctuate in size. It looks much like its successor Prometheus, the only exception being that it has what appears to be eyelashes.


Little is known about Pandora’s personality, but it seems to be loyal to its maker Carmel, following her around wherever she goes.

Abilities and Powers

As a sun homie, Pandora is capable of flight. It also provides fire and warmth, and can light cigarettes. Due to being made from the soul of the Soru Soru no Mi user, Pandora is stronger than homies made from other people’s souls.


61 years before the start of the series, Pandora was created when Carmel placed a portion of her soul into a large fire in Elbaf. The citizens who witnessed this believed Carmel summoned the sun god and considered it a miracle. It then accompanied Carmel, and was present when she met with Cipher Pol. Carmel later died, so it is unknown what happened to Pandora after that.


  • In Greek mythology, Pandora is the name of the first human woman created by the gods. Her creation was ordered by Zeus as punishment to humanity for receiving Prometheus’ stolen gift of fire. This connection between the Greek Pandora and Prometheus is somewhat fitting as Charlotte Linlin’s sun homie Prometheus is named after the Greek Titan.
  • Pandora is the only known homie to not be created by Big Mom.
    • It was however made from the fire she started during her rampage on Elbaf, making her still somewhat responsible for its creation.


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