Patty is one of the main cooks at the Baratie, currently serving as the restaurant’s head pâtissier.


Patty is a large, muscular man with somewhat-oversized forearms (his left upper arm bearing two heart tattoos), prominent lips, and black hair formed in an elaborate goatee around his chin. His Baratie uniform is heavily customized, consisting of a dark double-breasted shirt, matching shorts, and a white apron; these are accompanied by a pink ascot, an earring in his right ear, and a braided hachimaki headband.

While his head was closely shaved prior to the timeskip, he has currently grown out his hair. Reflecting his current position, his apron has been labeled Baratie Dessert.


Patty is the Baratie’s most consciously “professional” cook, always trying to charm customers with extravagant poses and slogans. Like most of his fellow cooks, however, he is intrinsically hot-blooded and crude, believing terms like “squid-bastard” (イカ野郎, Ika-yarō?) to be genuine compliments. Toward vagrants and outlaws, he drops these pleasantries entirely, and has no qualms about violently ejecting them.

At the same time, Patty is a genuinely brave and devoted member of the Baratie, willing to risk his life to defend it from any and all threats. He is also capable of legitimate charity, even toward enemies.


Baratie Cooks


Carne appears to be Patty’s closest friend, the two having cooked together for at least ten years—and been dismissed from hundreds of restaurants for unprofessional behavior—before joining the Baratie. While their contrasting temperaments (Carne being much more levelheaded and cautious) sometimes lead them to mock and belittle one another, they are more often than not united in their rivalry against Sanji.


Among the Baratie staff, Patty is usually the loudest and most aggressive about criticizing Sanji, whose credo—to always feed the desperate and punish food-wasters, regardless of money or circumstances—stand in complete antithesis to Patty’s own. During their time as coworkers, they regularly insulted each other’s personalities and cooking skills, and physically fought over large and small issues alike.

However, Patty holds a certain respect for the younger cook, never seriously contesting Sanji’s habit of feeding outcasts until Don Krieg’s invasion (and privately acknowledging that Zeff’s training made Sanji the better combatant by far). After learning of Sanji’s history with Zeff, this respect deepened, and he—along with Carne—became more willing to obey Sanji, even aiding the Krieg Pirates on his orders.

Currently, Patty continues to take great amusement in Sanji’s constant failures to acquire a dignified wanted poster, even modeling one of the Baratie’s side-ships after the ugly facial composite used for his first poster.


As Zeff provided him—and Carne—with a stable workplace despite their violent personalities, Patty is completely deferential and devoted to the senior chef (one of his many sources of frustration with Sanji, whom he finds unfairly disrespectful). Even after learning of Zeff’s past, however, he remains somewhat hesitant to follow Zeff’s credo of feeding anyone that arrives at the Baratie hungry.


Krieg Pirates

While aware of Don Krieg’s fearsome reputation throughout the East Blue, Patty looked down on Gin as a lowly criminal without any real status in the Krieg Pirates, and quickly expelled him for entering the Baratie without money (as well as threatening the staff). He was similarly dismissive of Krieg himself upon seeing his level of starvation, not only denying Krieg food but planning to deliver him to the Marines.

This dismissal became outright hostility when the Krieg Pirates, fed by Sanji and Zeff, recovered their strength and tried to take over the Baratie. Like most of his fellow cooks, Patty found the pirates’ brutality overwhelming—their captain’s most of all. When Krieg ordered Gin to expose himself to deadly poison as punishment for defying an order, Patty became somewhat sympathetic to the latter, and (on Sanji’s orders) tried his best to help Gin survive.

After the Krieg Pirates were beaten by the combined efforts of Sanji and Monkey D. Luffy, Patty remained hostile to the crew overall, but (again on Sanji’s orders) allowed them to take one of the Baratie’s supply-boats.

Abilities and Powers

Culinary Expertise

Patty is a highly skilled and experienced chef, being the official patissier of Baratie’s pastries and cakes. He has excellent skills in using knives, able to precisely slice and debone a large fish with great speed. He is capable enough to be entrusted by Zeff to manage the Sister Anko dessert ship.

Physical Abilities

While not as formidable as Sanji or Zeff, Patty is implicitly one of the Baratie’s best combatants, drawing great strength from his size and muscle mass as well as years of experience from (unofficially) being one of the restaurant’s main bouncers. Notably, he was able to shatter a chair—with Gin still seated—in a single barehanded strike.


In melee, Patty favors a trident taller than his entire body. With this weapon, he—along with a glaive-armed Carne—were able to defeat a pack of Krieg Pirates that had proven too much for most of their fellow cooks. He also carries a high-quality carving knife under his apron, though he has never been seen using it in battle. This knife’s blade is etched with the characters for “Fist of the North Star” (北斗の拳, Hokuto no Ken?).

Against particularly dangerous foes, he wields the Shokuatari Meatball (食あたり砲弾ミートボール, Shokuatari Mītobōru?, lit. “Indigestion Meatball”; Official English: Meatball of Doom), a lobster-shaped bazooka loaded with powerful explosive shot. In the event of a full-on invasion, he and Carne can also co-pilot the Baratie’s mini-battleship Sabagashira I.



According to Patty, he and Carne have worked as cooks for over a decade, and been fired from 300 different restaurants for their violent behaviors. Eventually, they came across Zeff’s personal advertisement for “damn cooks” and became two of the Baratie’s earliest employees.

The Baratie proved the perfect workplace for Patty and Carne, letting them cook and fight to their hearts’ content without fear of dismissal. Over the years, they developed a strong rivalry with Zeff’s protégé and sous-chef Sanji, though this was tempered with a rough sort of respect (and rare moments of genuine affinity, such as their unsuccessful attempt to petition Zeff for female coworkers).

However, not all of the Baratie staff found the senior cooks’ temperaments—or the resulting work environment—tolerable. One day, roughly eight years into the restaurant’s existence, Patty’s insults outraged all of the waiters into resigning.

East Blue Saga

Baratie Arc

The day after the waiters quit, the Baratie was visited by Lieutenant “Ironfist” Fullbody of the Marines and the Straw Hat Pirates. Both parties quickly began provoking trouble with each other as well as the restaurant; Patty, preoccupied with practicing his slogans, remained unaware of this until he saw Sanji publicly beating Fullbody for misusing his food. Horrified, he rushed to stop Sanji, though his efforts (to Fullbody’s disgust) soon deteriorated into a typical squabble.

Shortly after, the Baratie was invaded by an escapee from Fullbody’s unit: Gin of the Krieg Pirates. At first accommodating, Patty was unimpressed when the penniless—and obviously starving—Gin tried to threaten his way with a pistol, and easily overpowered and ejected him. Though this was applauded by the Baratie’s patrons, several other cooks—including Carne—warned the unrepentant Patty that the Krieg Pirates might retaliate; meanwhile, away from their sight, Sanji fed Gin personally.

Later, Patty oversaw Monkey D. Luffy’s first shift as a Baratie busboy—much to his dismay, as Luffy proved disastrous at every chore. After two days of such “work”, Patty—and the rest of the Baratie—were further horrified to see Don Krieg’s flagship approaching, seemingly bent on revenge. They soon found, however, that the ship and its entire crew had been decimated by a failed voyage into the Grand Line, with even Krieg himself starved to near-death. Relieved, Patty denied them all food and prepared to contact the Marines, only for Sanji to once again intervene.

Once fed and recovered, Krieg immediately attacked, demanding the Baratie surrender to him and feed his remaining men. When Sanji agreed to the latter, Patty struck him down and unleashed the Shokuatari Meatball on Krieg; unfortunately, Krieg easily withstood the shot with his armour, and retaliated with an array of guns. As Patty and his fellow cooks fell back, they were shocked to see Zeff willingly provide the food Krieg demanded.

Though unable to fully grasp Zeff’s—and Sanji’s—reasons, Patty, Carne, and their coworkers eagerly joined their employer’s call to defend the Baratie from the rapidly-recovering Krieg Pirates. While the junior cooks (along with Luffy) engaged in melee, Patty and Carne deployed the Sabagashira I for an artillery attack. However, this proved as ineffective as the Shokuatari Meatball against Krieg, who easily catapulted the entire craft with one hand; it was only saved from direct collision with the Baratie by Sanji, who kicked it into the restaurant’s battle-deck.

Surviving with minimal injuries (but much fury at Sanji), Patty and Carne left the Sabagashira to join the melee, and defeated a number of lower-ranked Krieg Pirates overpowering their coworkers. Their triumph lasted until Pearl entered the battle, downing them both in a single blow. Thereafter, both were rendered out-of-action, though Patty maintained enough strength to deny his prize carving knife to a Krieg Pirate.

While Luffy and Sanji continued the battle, Patty and Carne witnessed Zeff being taken hostage by Gin. To their amazement, Sanji refused to risk Zeff’s safety, even letting Pearl freely attack him. Their amazement grew when Sanji confessed his reasons: that Zeff had sacrificed his own leg to save the adolescent Sanji from a shipwreck and several months of ensuing starvation, and founded the Baratie as a vow to help anyone in need of food. Learning this spurred the already-wavering Gin to leave his hostage and fight Sanji directly, whereupon Patty and Carne rushed to Zeff’s aid.

Shortly after, when Gin proved unwilling to kill Sanji, an enraged Krieg bombed the Baratie with his infamous MH5 poison gas. Reacting quickly, Patty and Carne pulled Zeff deep into the Baratie’s interior, out of the gas’ reach. Once the gas dissipated, they emerged to find Gin—given a suicide order by Krieg—the only victim. While at first ambivalent, they readily obeyed Sanji’s demands to provide Gin whatever first-aid they could, with limited success.

Eventually, Patty and Carne witnessed Luffy defeating Krieg, whereupon Gin regained his feet to accept the loss on his captain’s behalf. To their surprise, Gin then reaffirmed his loyalty to the Krieg Pirates and his dream to sail the Grand Line, impressing Sanji enough to offer them one of the Baratie’s grocery-boats. Outraged, but unable to defy the sous-chef, Patty and Carne granted the boat, then joined their fellow cooks in a boisterous (and threatening) sendoff to the Krieg Pirates.

Afterward, as the Baratie convalesced, Patty, Carne, and all their junior cooks aided Zeff’s plan to spur Sanji into pursuing his dream with the Straw Hats: during their next meal, they collectively insulted Sanji and his cooking, even throwing out his latest soup. Though Sanji easily uncovered the ruse (as the cooks confessed it the moment they thought him out of earshot), he nevertheless appreciated the gesture, and agreed to follow Luffy. As they prepared to cast off, Patty and Carne attempted a “payback” attack, and were predictably beaten; even so, they, Sanji, and the entire staff shared a mutually tearful farewell, affirming that a bond existed between them after all.

Water 7 Saga

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

After the Enies Lobby incident, Patty laughed at the picture for Sanji’s wanted poster.

Fish-Man Island Saga

From the Decks of the World

Two years later in an expanded Baratie, Patty operated the dessert ship named “Sister Anko”.

Whole Cake Island Saga

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

After the events at Dressrosa, Patty and the other chefs of the Baratie received Sanji’s new wanted poster, with him laughing at Carne’s frustration over the fact he modeled his new ship after Sanji’s old poster.

Whole Cake Island Arc

Some pirates visited the restaurant and demanded food. Patty was displeased with their presence but Zeff had no objections preparing a meal for them.

Translation and Dub Issues

The 4Kids-dubbed anime gives him an Irish accent, presumably in reference to the diminutive—and sometimes pejorative—Paddy.


Video Games

Playable Appearances

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

Support Appearances

  • One Piece: Grand Adventure

Non-Playable Appearances

  • One Piece: Become the Pirate King!
  • Grand Battle!
  • Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew!
  • Grand Battle! 2
  • Aim! The King of Belly
  • One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush!
  • One Piece
  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival


  • While Oda has confirmed that Patty’s name was derived from pâtissier, the term patty also refers to a round, flat ground-meat cake most commonly used in hamburgers.
  • Patty’s favorite food is pudding. At one point, he suggested using his special pudding recipe to treat Gin’s MH5 poisoning (though Carne scorned this as effectively re-poisoning Gin).
    • Coincidentally, pudding is—in English—a term that can refer to both savory meat courses and sweet dessert courses.


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