Petermoo was a member of the Roger Pirates.


Petermoo is a relatively short man with an egg-shaped body and his legs are extremely thin. Overall, his appearance resembles that of European nobility in the 17th and 18th centuries. He has shoulder-length light curly hair resembling a colonial-era wig and a dark mustache and beard. He has a wide-brimmed hat with a plume on it. He also wears a suit jacket and a kerchief over his shirt, as well as high-waisted pants and a belt with a spiral design on the buckle. He wears boots on his feet.


Petermoo is loyal to his captain and crew, as he charged into battle with them. Like many of his crewmates, he was initially cold towards Kozuki Oden when Roger brought him aboard, but quickly warmed up to him.

Abilities and Powers


Petermoo wielded a rifle, but it is unknown how skilled of a marksman he is.



At some point, Petermoo joined the Roger Pirates. On an island in Paradise, the Roger Pirates defeated a battalion of Marines when they spotted the Whitebeard Pirates approaching them. When the Whitebeard Pirates arrived, the two crews battled each other for four days until the fight settled into a gift exchange. Roger pleaded for Whitebeard to allow his subordinate Kozuki Oden to join the Roger Pirates and help them reach the final island.

When Oden and his family boarded the Oro Jackson, the crew initially treated Oden coldly, but they quickly warmed up to him as friends as they sailed to many destinations including Skypiea, Water 7, Fish-Man Island, Wano Country, and Zou. They then made it to the final island and laughed when they saw the treasure left behind by Joy Boy. After departing from the island, named Laugh Tale by Roger, the crew had a party before tearfully bidding farewell to their captain. They then took Oden back to his home in Wano and tearfully said goodbye to him as well. The Roger Pirates disbanded, and it is unknown what became of Petermoo.


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