Saint Pluming is a World Noble.


Pluming is a man with light hair styled in a bobcut and a traditional World Noble updo at the top. He has thick eyebrows and a long thin mustache. He has no upper teeth apart from two large buckteeth.

As with all other World Nobles, Pluming wears a thick white suit adorned with medal-like knobs on the front.


Like other World Nobles, Pluming possesses a spoiled and arrogant personality and demands compliance and respect from commoners. He also does not tolerate any failures from slaves and is willing to kill them off if they stop being of use to him. He is also a coward.

Abilities and Powers

As a World Noble, Pluming has the authority to do as he pleases. If a person defies him, they shall be targeted by an Admiral, whom Pluming has the right to summon to eliminate anyone whom he thinks has offended him.


Pluming possesses a pistol.


When the top commanders of the Revolutionary Army invaded Mary Geoise during the Levely, Pluming was seen along with the other World Nobles trying to evacuate. He was using a slave and threatened to shoot him for moving too slow. Before Pluming could do so, his gun was stolen by Karasu and the slave was freed.


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