Pomp is a member of the Kid Pirates.


Pomp is a short man with a stocky build, a bulbous nose and sporting dark hair with a prominent bang to the left side of his face. His clothes consist of a spiky beret in military camo colors and a studded leather belt around his torso, along with studded cuffs and dark gloves. He wears dark eyeliner and lipstick.


Not much is known about Pomp’s personality yet. He is, however, loyal to Killer.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Pomp, along with UK and Bubblegum, witnessed the fight between Killer and Basil Hawkins and noted Hawkins’ unusual tactics of smashing his head into a pillar. He later cheered on for Killer once he managed to defeat Hawkins.

Later, once Kaidou’s castle was engulfed in flames, Pomp, UK, and Bubblegum carried Killer around against the latter’s wishes, but were suddenly cornered by the fire. However, they were saved by the water current generated by Raizo and Jinbe’s efforts, which doused the blaze in their way.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

The Kid Pirates sailed to Elbaf and attacked the captains allied with the Red Hair Pirates, drawing out the Red Hair Pirates themselves and the Giant Warrior Pirates. Shanks himself quickly defeated Eustass Kid and Killer in a single attack, and the resulting explosion and Haki burst knocked back Pomp and others. Dorry and Brogy then split the Victoria Punk in half, sinking the Kid Pirates.


  • Pomp is likely named after arena rock (also known as “pomp rock”), a subgenre of rock music, thus fitting his crew’s theme.


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