Dr. Potsun is an Arabasta doctor who runs an isolated clinic in the desert. He managed to recuperate Pell after his near-fatal sacrifice at Alubarna.


Potsun wears a white shirt with an opening on the chest. He has tanned skin, a round nose, and black hair that shoots out to his right and left in a triangular shape. His mustache is styled the same way, just smaller. He wears a white hat with a red cross, a common sign for medics.


He seemed like a stern figure, and is appreciative of Pell’s heroic deeds.

Abilities and Powers

As a doctor he has some knowledge over medicine. He is so proficient at it that he was able to save Pell’s life.


Arabasta Saga

Arabasta Arc

Some days following the Arabasta civil war, shortly after the Straw Hat Pirates left the kingdom, Potsun discharged Pell, who had been injured by the bomb planted in Alubarna by Baroque Works. Subsequently, the doctor noticed the patient had left behind his distinctive headscarf.

Translation and Dub Issues

In the 4Kids-dubbed anime, he calls after Pell by name, erasing the ambiguity of the original scene (though this was left moot when later arcs explicitly confirmed Pell’s survival).


  • His name is possibly meant to reference a term for “lonely” (ぽつん, potsun?), reflecting his clinic’s remote location.


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