Pudos is a Waiter in the Beasts Pirates who worked as a guard in the Prisoner Mine. He was injured by Kawamatsu after trying to attack Monkey D. Luffy.


Pudos is a tall man, being fairly larger than Luffy. He has long bushy blonde hair gathered into a ponytail in the back. He wears an open blue shirt that leaves his chest exposed along with a set of spiked gray pauldrons on his shoulders with gold edges and fur lining, as well as a pair of black pants.


Pudos enjoys the power he has over the prisoners in Udon, gleefully expressing to Luffy how he looked forward to breaking the pirate’s spirit. He is easy to set off, being willing to attack Luffy just for glaring at him. Around his comrades, he demonstrates a generally jovial attitude and likes to talk and answer questions.

Abilities and Powers

Pudos is not very tough, as his neck was easily penetrated by a fishbone spat at him by Kawamatsu.


Pudos carries a sword which he attempted to use to strike Luffy for glaring at him.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Pudos was near the entrance to the Prisoner Mine when one of his crewmates wondered about a poisonous fish he was feeding to the mysterious occupant of a certain cell (which was in fact the samurai Kawamatsu). Pudos stated he did not know who the prisoner was, but did know that they were required to remove the bones first. The pirate Monkey D. Luffy was then led into the mine as the newest prisoner, and Pudos approached him, noticing a fiery look in Luffy’s eyes and expressing a desire to break his spirit. Luffy then glared at Pudos, which offended the guard and caused him to move to attack the pirate. However, Kawamatsu then spit out the skeleton of the fish he ate, which had not been removed that day, into Pudos’ neck, causing the pirate to wail in pain as blood gushed out of him.


  • Pudos’ name likely comes from the sound effects caused by Kawamatsu spitting the fish bones at his neck: Pu (プッ?, “spit”) and dosu (ドスッ?, “stab”).


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