S-Shark is one of the Seraphim and a clone of Jinbe.

Due to his actions and role, he is a supporting antagonist in the Egghead Arc.


Resembling Jinbe as a child, S-Shark is a large whale shark fish-man with short hair, and has more similar features such as his eyebrows, gills, webbed hands and feet, and even has fangs reminiscent of the fish-man, but despite being a child he is as tall as the adult Jinbe. Unlike Jinbe, however, he also possesses lunarian traits, such as brown skin, black wings, and white hair. A section of his right forearm is replaced by a tube that is filled with Green Blood. He also has star-shaped pupils, though this is only noticeable at close range. In addition, like the rest of the Seraphim, he has the designation “PX-” on his chest, though the entire designation is still unknown.


S-Shark has not displayed much personality outside of aggression towards the Straw Hat Pirates. He obeys the commands of Vegapunk.

Abilities and Powers

S-Shark is one of the Seraphim, the pinnacle of Vegapunk’s scientific achievements, which have been described by their creator as the Strongest Form of Humanity (最強の人類, Saikyō no Jinrui?).

Pacifista Body

Like other Pacifista, S-Sharks was given the ability to fire lasers from his palm as a result of Vegapunk’s research of the Pika Pika no Mi. His body is strong as he is able to withstand an attack from Zeus and Sanji.

Physical Abilities

As a clone of Jinbe, S-Shark inherited his Fish-Man biology, which grants him his immense strength and presumably the various other advantages of his species.

Fire Manipulation

As an artificial lunarian, S-Shark possesses flames on his back that are linked to his tremendous resilience as a lunarian.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Sui Sui no Mi

Via the Green Blood, S-Shark possesses an artificial version of Senor Pink’s Sui Sui no Mi, allowing him to swim in solid surfaces such as the ground and through walls. This grants him the ability to move underground and through structures to attack at unsuspecting angles and avoid attacks. He can also use Fish-Man Karate with the liquified ground.

Fish-Man Karate

Further information: Fish-Man Karate
Further information: Fish-Man Jujutsu

Having inherited some of Jinbe’s skills through his Lineage Factor, S-Shark is a practitioner of both Fish-Man Karate and Fish-Man Jujutsu. He can additionally manipulate the liquefied ground created through his Devil Fruit ability as if it were water to attack with.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

In order to test S-Shark, Lilith, Pythagoras, and Edison had it battle Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Robin, and Franky simultaneously, until Shaka intervened, ordering the Pacifista to stand down, while restraining the Straw Hat Pirates with their Dom-Shoes.

Upon CP0 infiltrating Egghead in order to kill Vegapunk and his satellites, Shaka had S-Hawk, S-Snake, and S-Shark deployed under the command of Sentomaru. While Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci began fighting, the three Seraphim met up with Sentomaru. The group encountered the invading government agents, during which Sentomaru instructed both S-Shark and S-Hawk to hold back CP0 while S-Snake assisted the Straw Hat Pirates with fleeing with Vegapunk. Obeying Sentomaru’s commands, the three Seraphim were joined by S-Bear with assaulting the government agents until Sentomaru succumbed to his injuries, resulting in the four Seraphim following CP0’s command.

After CP0 had infiltrated Egghead’s Labophase while its defence system had been deactivated, the four Seraphim took the initative to follow the assassins. When they arrived, Lucci ordered them to destroy Vegapunk’s laboratory before he comes out, leading to them damaging the building’s structure using a range of attacks. After Stussy had subdued Kaku and Lucci, Edison approached the Seraphim, during which S-Shark shot a beam at the scientist while he instructed the Pacifistas to cease their attacks. After the unsuccessful attack, the Seraphim stopped their assault.

On York’s orders, S-Shark resumed on attacking the Vegapunks and Straw Hats. He attacked Brook – taking his head off – and knocked out Edison. Nami then ordered Zeus to attack S-Shark, damaging him, but S-Shark swam under the ground and tried to attack Nami, however, Sanji kicked and sent him into an explosion. S-Shark then punched Sanji, but failed to deal damage or even knock him off his feet.

At some point, he and the other Seraphim were imprisoned in resin bubbles and left in the laboratory’s basement.

Major Battles

  • S-Shark vs. Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Nico Robin, and Franky
  • S-Shark and Seraphim vs. World Government officials
  • S-Shark vs. Nami, Zeus, Brook and Sanji


  • His name is likely a reference to Jinbe being a whale shark fish-man and the animal theming of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.


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