Sarahebi is a Gifter of the Beasts Pirates who works under Black Maria. She was also a school teacher in the Flower Capital.


Sarahebi is a woman of average height with pale purple, shoulder-length hair. She has yellow eyes, light red lipstick, and a small hot-pink flower in her hair. As a Gifter, she has been seen with black sharp horns. She wears a dark purple kimono adorned with blue floral patterns and an obi with red and dark red stripes. She also wears white tabi.


Sarahebi is loyal to her crew, her captain and Kurozumi Orochi as she teaches children propaganda that portrays Kaidou and Orochi as heroes while vilifying Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards.

Abilities and Powers

As a school teacher for all the children in Wano Country, she is responsible for teaching the children lectures and also convincing them that the Kozuki Clan are evil and Orochi is the hero of Wano Country. She seems charismatic enough for the children to accept her lectures.

Physical Abilities

Sarahebi is strong enough to kick Sanji with great force.


  • Are Trap (アーレートラップ, Ārē Torappu?, literally meaning “Oh~my~ Trap”): Sarahebi and another member of the Beasts Pirates lure in an opponent by standing behind a screen and pretending to be a man seducing and disrobing a helpless woman. After the opponent breaks through the screen, they trap the opponent in a spiders web and spin around in tandem to roundhouse kick the trapped enemy. The name of the technique comes from are (あれ), a Japanese interjection meaning something like “oh my” or “my goodness”, which is what the helpless woman repeats as she is being disrobed. In the Viz manga and Funimation adaptations, this is called Naughty Trap.

Devil Fruit

Sarahebi ate a snake SMILE Devil Fruit, which allows her to stretch her neck and gain snake-like fangs and tongue. She used it to intimidate any students who disagreed with her lecture.



At some point, Sarahebi ate a SMILE Devil Fruit, and successfully gained snake-like abilities.

She also became a teacher in the Flower Capital to teach children to believe that Shogun Kurozumi Orochi was the hero of Wano Country and the Kozuki Family were villains.

Wano Country Arc

Sarahebi held a lesson to young children about the concepts of open and closed countries and the history of Wano Country.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Sarahebi traveled with the rest of the crew to Onigashima. After the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance invaded the island, she accompanied Black Maria to the third floor. They lured Sanji into thinking Sarahebi was being violated by a man and trapped the pirate. When Sanji tried running away, Sarahebi and her group chased after him. Black Maria later captured Sanji with her webs, and Sarahebi watched as Black Maria forced Sanji to call for Nico Robin. When Sanji actually complied with Black Maria’s demand, Sarahebi was surprised. After Robin and Brook arrived, she was shocked when Brook, a living skeleton, referred to her and her comrades as spooky monsters.

After Brook made a wall of ice between them and Maria, Sarahebi heard screams from the other side and, peeking through the small gap in the wall, was horrified to see Black Maria defeated with the demonic-looking Robin standing over her. Brook took the opportunity to finish off Sarahebi and Black Maria’s other subordinates, with Phrase d’armes: Orchestra.

It is unknown what became of Sarahebi following the battle, but as a result of the alliance’s victory, she was stripped of her teaching position and replaced by a Kozuki loyalist.

Major Battles

  • Sarahebi and unnamed Gifter vs. Sanji
  • Sarahebi, Tenjo-Sagari, Nure-Onna and Kunyun vs. Brook


  • Sara-hebi is another name for the nure-onna, a large serpentine creature in Japanese folklore with the head of a woman. Her ability may be based on the rokurokubi, a close relative to the nure-onna and a humanoid creature that can stretch its neck indefinitely.
  • Sarahebi was listed as “Rokuro-sensei” (ろくろ先生?) in the credits of Episode 909.
  • If not a Shinuchi and just a Gifter, then she is the first known Gifter whose name neither has an animal that represents their SMILE followed by “-man/-lady” nor follows the other Beasts Pirates’ card-games-themed names.
    • However, her name does contain the hiragana for “hebi”, which means “snake”.


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